How to feed pepper seedlings and when exactly is it better to do it?

How to feed pepper seedlings and when exactly is it better to do it?

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The topic of this article will become quite useful and interesting, since it will be about feeding a fruit such as pepper - very useful and tasty. I think the topic is interesting, so we will consider when and how to feed pepper seedlings, as well as deal with the main aspects of feeding.

Pepper plant, although moisture-loving, but still do the watering once a week, with warm water - I think all certain points can not be listed, but we will go straight to feeding the pepper. If you decide to do top dressing, this is very good, the pepper will be grateful to you, as it really needs it.

So, feeding is often not necessary, it is enough once or twice... In principle, even after the first time, you can see the result and if you want to do the same, but later. When asked how to feed pepper seedlings, the answer is simple - this is the most useful and demanded component - urea and superphosphate.

First feeding do two weeks after 2-3 leaves have appeared - for 10 liters of water there are about 5-7 g of urea and 30 g of superphosphate. All the necessary fertilizers can be purchased in specialized stores or directly in your garden (humus, urea, compost or manure - this is not necessary to buy).

Second time feeding should not be repeated, if there is a need for it, then do it. It is better to carry out it three days before planting seedlings in the garden. For 10 liters of water, approximately 50 g of superphosphate and 20-30 g of potassium salt (potassium sulfate). After such feeding, your pepper will grow fruitfully in the open field and give you a wonderful harvest.

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