Methods for planting cucumbers

Methods for planting cucumbers

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Spring breaks into our diet fresh fragrant cucumbers... Moreover, cucumbers moderately whimsical, do not require special care and give a good harvest... And their canned fruits have long been a familiar product on our winter tables.

When growing, you can use different ways of planting cucumbers. Seeds are sown dry or soaked, germinated before planting... You can also grow this crop through seedlings or seedlings... If the climate is very warm (southern regions), then seed planting can take place. Usually, the most popular in the middle lane is the seedling method. It speeds up the first harvest, and, accordingly, increases the total number of fruits harvested.

For seedlings, seeds can also be pre-soak in a solution of potassium permanganate... When it grows up a little and has two or three leaves, you can plant the plants in a greenhouse or vegetable garden. Open ground is encouraged only if the threat of frost has already passed. This is usually period from mid-May to mid-June.

The most optimal landing pattern is dotted. The distance between seedlings should be about 10-15 centimeters, between rows - about 70. The depth can be different: from 2-3 to 6-8 centimeters, depending on conditions (moisture and soil temperature).

Interesting fact about cucumbers

Everyone knows that this plant is a close relative of pumpkin. But not everyone knows that this is the only crop from the entire family whose fruits are eaten unripe.

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