Garden strawberry varieties

Garden strawberry varieties

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Garden strawberries are becoming more and more popular every year, since new varieties are constantly appearing, allowing them to grow in almost any climatic zone, to get large yields. Of course there is no such garden strawberry varieties, which would be superior to all others in all respects. For example, my favorite variety is called "Mashenka", but bred by Russian breeders. Not only is it harvestable and winter-hardy, its flowers have the ability to grow together with receptacles and, instead of several small berries, give one huge, spindle-shaped.

"Zenga-Zengana"- strawberry of German selection. This variety gives large wedge-shaped berries of late ripening. The mustache" Zenga-Zengana "gives little, which complicates its reproduction. Strawberry"Lord"bred by English breeders, late ripening variety. Produces large round-conical berries. This variety is self-pollinating and frost-resistant. It can be grown in one place for about 10 years. Often used for industrial cultivation. One of the most popular in the world is the American variety. "Honey "... It is characterized by very early and amicable ripening, good taste, convenient for transportation.

It should be noted and repairing garden strawberry varieties, allowing you to collect 2-3 harvests per season. True, many strawberry lovers note that the taste of remontant strawberries is usually worse than ordinary ones. But that's not for everybody. For example, I do not see any difference between the taste of regular and remontant strawberries. I grow "Queen Elizabeth"giving large tasty round-shaped berries, variety "Geneva" (bears fruit in June, then in August) and "Moscow delicacy". Of course, these varieties are more prone to freezing, I grow them every year from seeds. And in the same year I get harvests. And if they do not freeze over the winter, then the next year the harvests will be even greater.

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