Diseases of tomatoes in the photo

Diseases of tomatoes in the photo

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Getting a good harvest of tomatoes is not so easy, since various diseases can overcome this delicate vegetable crop.

Before you start growing tomatoes, you need to study all diseases of tomatoes in the phototo have an idea of ​​what they look like. And also get acquainted with methods of prevention and treatment of these diseases.

One of the common diseases of tomatoes is late blightthat can completely infect the plant: fruit, leaves and stems... The disease manifests itself in the form of blackening of tomatoes literally for one or two days, after which the fruits are greatly softened and rotted.

Late blight mainly affects tomatoes grown in open ground, since it is here that there are all the conditions for its development: a sharp change in air temperature, cold dew in the autumn, close planting of plants to each other etc.

If the disease has already covered the plant, then it is useless to fight it. It is best to apply preventive measures. You shouldn't grow tomatoes in the same place. more than 3 years... Plants affected by late blight must burn.

Another tomato disease is top rotwhich appears on green fruits as depressed points, which in some cases become watery and take on a rotten smell. The appearance of such spots is associated with lack of moisture, as well as an insignificant content of calcium in the soil or, conversely, an excessive content of nitrogen.

To prevent the appearance of this disease, you should regularly water the tomatoes, spray the plants with a special solution of calcium nitrate, and the already affected fruits burn.

There are many other ailments affecting this vegetable crop. Especially clearly you can see the diseases of tomatoes in the photo. This will make it possible to quickly identify the disease that has arisen, which means that the chances of fighting it will increase significantly.

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