Blueberry nursery

Blueberry nursery

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Cultivation of blueberries began around the 20th century, and this crop was adopted by agricultural production of the very last. In North America, 26 species of blueberry grow, conditionally they are subdivided into low-growing and tall varieties, and also "rabbit's eye" blueberry is distinguished.

The pigeon nursery will help any buyer to get acquainted with the prices, varieties, find out when to plant, how to properly care for, transplant one or another blueberry variety. Nurseries always have catalogs with photographs, each variety has a description, which allows gardeners to make a choice.

In our country, high-growing varieties of blueberries are gaining more and more recognition among amateur gardeners and professionals, this is due to the fact that acidic peaty soils can be used for such blueberries, which are not suitable for other crops.

The tall blueberry reaches a height of 2 meters and has a branched root system. The berries ripen 52-90 days after flowering. From a bush of tall blueberries, you can get up to 10 kg of berries.

By the timing of ripening, there are:

• early maturing varieties;
• mid-season varieties;
• late-ripening varieties.

Blueberries are very nutritious, low in calories and taste great. Blueberries have a characteristic color due to the content of the plant pigment anthocyanin. This pigment is also called the antioxidant plant, as of all fresh berries, blueberries are the richest in sources of antioxidants.

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