Growing blackberries in their summer cottage

Growing blackberries in their summer cottage

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Blackberries are very tasty and juicy berries. Growing blackberries in a summer cottage is a very real task.

Modern blackberry varieties are divided into two groups:

- erect or actually blackberry
- creeping blackberry or sundew

Correct growing of blackberries

Before planting, the area under the blackberry must be dug up and fertilized with organic and mineral additives, thoroughly mixing with the ground. Poultry droppings diluted with water are ideal for periodic feeding. The use of such feeding allows you to increase the yield of the crop.

The classic method of planting is in a hole about 50 cm deep, where a bucket of compost, humus or vermicompost, half a bucket of sawdust and a half-liter can of wood ash are added. And after planting, the plants must be watered abundantly.

As noted by experts who know almost everything about this plant, the cultivation of blackberries does not require a special soil quality and the presence of constant sunlight, but moisture is a decisive factor that allows you to always be with a rich harvest.

Of course, it should be noted that berries grown in the sun are sweeter than those grown in the shade, and they are no different in size or quantity. Therefore, for the successful cultivation of blackberries, the ideal place will be a place where there is not only a constant supply of water, but also regular "sunbathing". Caring for blackberries is almost the same as caring for raspberries.

Blackberries, grated with sugar, are perfectly stored in the freezer, being an excellent remedy for colds, bronchitis and flu.

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