Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse - simple rules will ensure a good harvest

 Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse - simple rules will ensure a good harvest

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In order to get the first harvest of cucumbers as early as possible, cucumbers are planted in a greenhouse. It is this approach to growing cucumbers that can provide the earliest harvest.

For growing cucumbers in the greenhouse, only self-pollinated varieties can be used.

Growing seedlings

  1. The technology of growing healthy seedlings of cucumbers includes strict adherence to the temperature regime.
  2. From sowing seeds to emergence of seedlings in a room with seedlings, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 22-27 ° C.
  3. The next 4-5 days, the temperature is slightly reduced to 16-18 ° C.
  4. In the remaining period, on sunny days, they maintain about 20 ° C, and on cloudy 17-18 ° C.
  5. At night, 13-15 ° C is sufficient.

When the seedlings turn 25-27, the next stage begins - planting cucumbers in a greenhouse.

Planting seedlings in a greenhouse.

  • In the previously prepared beds, holes are made, which are filled with warm water.
  • In the resulting grooves, carefully, so as not to damage the roots, the seedling is transferred.
  • The distance between the bushes in a row is 30 cm, and between the rows themselves 90 cm.
  • Seedlings of cucumbers are planted together with a clod of earth and deepened, to the same depth as it was in the cup.
  • Since the hypocotal knee is extremely sensitive to root rot, it should therefore not be covered with earth.
  • After planting cucumbers in a greenhouse, they are watered under the root with warm water of at least 23 degrees.
  • A rope is pulled from the root of the plants to the top of the greenhouse, which will allow the cucumbers to "climb" upwards. Sometimes a whole system of rope weaves or a special mesh is used.

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