Cilantro seeds and how they are used

Cilantro seeds and how they are used

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Cilantro seeds are scientifically called coriander and are widely used as a spice. In addition, cilantro seeds stimulate digestion, improve appetite and slow down the process of alcohol penetration into the blood.

In addition to the fact that cilantro seeds can be used in cooking, they can grow the green, spicy-smelling herb cilantro, which is an indispensable element of Georgian cuisine and is used to prepare fresh salads and other dishes (mainly from meat). Cilantro has a slightly garlic-like aroma, but without the speck typical of garlic, so it will not spoil the taste of dishes, but will give them a mild piquancy.

It doesn't take much to grow cilantro in a garden or balcony. Just buy a bag of fresh cilantro seeds (it is best to do this in a specialty store, so you will protect yourself from fakes and seeds with poor germination). In the spring, make shallow grooves in the soil (about 2-3 cm) and plant the seeds a few centimeters apart. Cilantro is not very demanding on watering and lighting, so growing this spice does not require a lot of hassle.

To collect cilantro seeds, wait until it blooms (this happens in early autumn) until the heads dry, then you can safely collect seeds that will be suitable for planting next year. Remember to air dry them thoroughly and store them in a paper bag.

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