Strawberry pink flamingos for decorative purposes

Strawberry pink flamingos for decorative purposes

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Everyone knows the delicate and sweet taste of strawberries. But not everyone knows that strawberries are actually strawberries.

Strawberries appeared in the 19th century thanks to the pollination of two varieties of strawberries - Chilean and Virginia. In our country, one of the first and most popular varieties was the Victoria strawberry. Therefore, do not be surprised if you hear that this berry is called Victoria.

Strawberries are a unique crop. Having planted it in the fall, wake up to harvest in the summer. It bears fruit well in the first three years, then every year its qualities deteriorate. Therefore, you should not delude yourself that it has been growing for 20 years, which means that it will delight you with a large number of berries for two decades. Every year they are smaller and taste is lost.

Remontant strawberry varieties are especially common, giving several harvests per season. In addition, they can be used for decorative purposes. Having planted in a pot and hung on the window, they will be a wonderful interior decoration. Since they bloom throughout the season. And the mustache will fall in the form of vines.

Now there is a large abundance in the choice of varieties: strawberry pink flamingo, alpha, knight, marvelous, ducat and others.

Strawberry pink flamingos are most often hung from windows with a distance of 20 cm between pots. It gives a long mustache that hangs in the form of vines. The fruits are bright red in color.

The selva strawberry belongs to the year-round varieties. All season you will be provided with this beautiful berry.

Strawberry Marshal lives up to its name. It grows quickly and suppresses weed growth. Sufficiently drought tolerant. The berries are bright red in color and very sweet.

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