Growing beetroot

Growing beetroot

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Beetroot is a very valuable vegetable containing an incredible amount of sugars, including sucrose, polysaccharides, glucose, and acids (malic, citric, oxalic). Also, beets contain a lot of iodine, phosphorus and potassium, it is one of the first in the list of vegetables rich in these elements.

The cultivation of beetroot requires compliance with certain conditions, first of all, the soil for this culture must be fertile, black earth, dark gray podzolized, gray soils of light texture are ideal. Also, a good harvest can be obtained from cultivated low-lying peatlands.

Beetroot is considered a valuable product for diabetics, it is very useful for patients who suffer from obesity, kidney and liver disease, hypertension, since with regular use it significantly reduces blood cholesterol.

This culture is quite demanding on heat, despite the fact that it is considered cold-resistant, therefore it is necessary to sow beet seeds in the ground at a temperature not lower than +6 degrees. The optimum temperature for seedling emergence is 25-26 ° C. For the formation of roots after germination, the temperature should not be higher than 18 degrees, but if frost occurs or a sharp drop in temperature to 0 degrees, then the seedlings may die. After the first 2-3 leaves appear on the seedlings, the cultivation of table beets becomes less problematic, since the seedlings can already withstand low temperatures.

Planting of beetroot is usually carried out with calibrated seeds in two stages. The first sowing is done in early spring and the second is in mid-May. The vegetables obtained from the first sowing are used for consumption in the summer, and the later ones are used for storage.

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