Tomato seedlings do not grow - we take action

Tomato seedlings do not grow - we take action

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When growing such a wonderful crop as tomatoes, gardeners face a number of difficulties, the most common problem is that tomato seedlings do not grow.

Seedlings of tomatoes require compliance with certain conditions, for example, compliance with a special temperature regime. Immediately after the first shoots appear, the boxes with seedlings are removed to a cool place during the week, the temperature should be 16-18 ° C during the day, 13-15 ° C at night.

Then the temperature can be increased to 20 ° C during the day and 16 ° C at night. The specified temperature regime is observed until the third true leaf appears in the tomato (approximately 30-35 days). During this time, the seedlings are watered 3 times at the root, the third time is watered on the day of the pick, an hour before it starts. The recommended water temperature for irrigation should be 20 ° C.

After the appearance of two true leaves, the seedlings must be sprayed daily (in the morning) with low-fat milk (1 glass per liter of water), this procedure is the prevention of viral diseases.

On the 12th day after the pick, the seedlings are fed with nitrophos (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water). Watering is carried out sparingly as the soil dries up.

If, under these conditions, the tomato seedlings do not grow or grows slowly, then the tomatoes can be fed with a growth stimulator, for example, sodium humate. The solution is diluted to a consistency resembling tea in color and the tomatoes are fed 1 glass per plant.

Two weeks before planting, tomatoes must be hardened by exposing them to the balcony or under an open window. First for 2-3 hours, then for the whole day. The hardening temperature should not fall below 8-10 degrees C.

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