Planting raspberries and fertilizing raspberries

Planting raspberries and fertilizing raspberries

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Raspberry is a semi-shrub that produces fragrant, tasty and very healthy berries. The harvest of raspberries will always be good if you buy good, resistant varieties, use special fertilizers for raspberries, and take care of them.

In raspberries, the rhizome is perennial, and the shoots are either biennial or annual. In the first year, raspberry shoots grow in breadth and length, and also give side shoots, and in the second year they bear fruit.

Raspberries are different: ordinary and remontant, the latter give one harvest on the shoots of the last year and the second on the shoots of the current year. Under raspberries, it is better not to loosen intensively, since it does not tolerate damage to the roots, it is necessary to loosen with a garden pitchfork no deeper than 8 centimeters.

The soil should be prepared before planting raspberries, the plant is demanding on the presence of nutrients and moisture. The soil needs to be transshipped to a depth of 50 cm and fertilizer for raspberries must be applied per square meter. m. about twenty kg of humus or high-quality compost, 0.5 kg of potassium sulfate and 0.7 kg of superphosphate. After transshipment and sedimentation of the soil, pits of 30 * 30 centimeters should be dug, with a distance of about 60 centimeters between them, and between the rows there should be about 1.2 meters, or the distance between the rows should be about 90 centimeters, and between the holes 50 centimeters. Raspberry seedlings are best planted at the end of September, but the soil must be prepared a month before planting.

During the growing season, raspberries need to be watered up to six times, along the furrows.

If the pre-planting fertilization of raspberries was done, then the first three years you can not fertilize the plant. Then, in the fall, compost, manure, potash fertilizers, superphosphate should be applied annually, and in the spring, feed the raspberries with urea or nitrophos or ammonium nitrate.

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