Growing potatoes in the garden means not to be hungry for the family

Growing potatoes in the garden means not to be hungry for the family

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It is almost impossible to hibernate without potatoes. It is nutritious and not picky about care, it has a long shelf life and has good taste. In addition, it is fed to pets and livestock.

Few praise this queen of the fields for her usefulness. Nevertheless, the proteins that are in potato tubers (albeit in small quantities) have a greater biological value for the human body than others. They contain 18 essential amino acids. There are vitamins A, B and C, phosphorus, iron and calcium, sulfur and iodine.

Fresh potato juice is very beneficial for the digestive tract. They are treated with ulcers and gastritis, used for constipation. Fresh potato gruel can cure burns on the skin.

Depending on the variety, climatic conditions, machinery and other important factors, each gardener decides which potato cultivation technology will be most suitable in his case. In order to get a good harvest, she still has to pay a little attention: fertilize the soil, make sure that weeds are not suppressed, and fight pests.

The tubers are germinated before planting. Rarely, but it is still recommended to do a seve change. To improve flowering, tuberization, etc. you can feed the culture with minerals. When the tubers have already formed, the potato becomes more sensitive to excess moisture. At this time, he needs to have a good supply of oxygen, so it is worth loosening the row spacings.

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