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Blackcurrant Vigorous

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Black currant is more than a common crop that can be found literally on every site. Such popularity of this berry is due not only to its excellent taste and extremely unpretentious care, but also a kind of "versatility": along with berries, the leaves of the plant are also widely used. For example, young leaves, which have the property of lowering blood glucose levels, are used to prepare a special salad for people suffering from diabetes, and are also quite often added to home preserves and pickles as a spice.

Today, many varieties of this berry have been bred, of which the most popular is a variety called the nuclear currant. It got its name not at all because of the extremely rich taste, but rather due to the very large size of the berries, the weight of which ranges from three to eight grams, a record for currants. At the same time, Yadrenaya currant is an extremely productive variety: up to five to six kilograms of berries can be harvested from one bush per season.

This variety of black currant is one of the latest in terms of ripening. The bushes of this plant have an average height (usually not exceeding one and a half meters), are prone to overloading berries during the ripening of the crop and require regular rejuvenating pruning. By and large, pruning can be called the most time-consuming process of growing currants: in all other respects, it is more than unpretentious and practically does not require any specific care.

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