How and when to plant cucumber seedlings

How and when to plant cucumber seedlings

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In warm climates, cucumbers grow well and bear fruit in a seedless way. However, in the middle lane, it is still better to prefer the seedling method of growing crops.

First you need to purchase seeds suitable for a specific climatic zone, pay attention to the properties of the variety and of course the shelf life. It is better to choose seeds that have been disinfected and calibrated.

To accelerate the growth of seedlings, the seeds can be soaked in a special solution, for example, in epine.

You can buy ready-made soil mixture for cucumbers, or you can prepare it yourself from 1 part of sod land, 1 part of peat and 1 part of humus. A well-loosened mixture is laid out in cups, moistened, a hole 2 cm deep is made in the center, a seed is placed and added dropwise.

Before germination, a pallet with cucumbers is placed in a dark, warm place (25-28 g. C), then moved to a bright, cool place.

When to plant cucumber seedlings?

Seedlings of cucumbers are grown for about three weeks, but not more than 30 days, after which they are planted in a permanent place. A week before planting, the seedlings can be hardened by exposing them to a cool place with a temperature of 12-15 degrees C.

When to plant seedlings of cucumbers, the plants themselves will prompt, by the appearance of two full-fledged leaves.

A bed for cucumbers is prepared in advance, carefully dug up with humus and moistened. Holes 30-40 cm deep are dripped under the plants, into which a layer of humus mixed with soil is placed, and cucumber seedlings are planted on top.

An early harvest of cucumbers can be obtained provided there is sufficient heat and moisture.

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