Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

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The most troublesome period for all gardeners and summer residents is approaching - sowing various crops, including tomatoes, on their plot. Many, instead of traditional cultivation in the open field, prefer an alternative with artificially created conditions - growing tomatoes in a greenhouse.

Since the conditions for growing tomatoes in a greenhouse differ significantly from the standard method, before sowing, special attention must be paid to choosing the variety of your favorite vegetable. Hybrids are most preferred because they are most resistant to disease, require less vigilant care, and are much more tolerant of adverse conditions.

In our climatic zone, the growing season lasts on average 3-4 months, then it is most preferable to grow tomatoes with limited growth in a greenhouse - determinant and semi-determinant. If, nevertheless, you decide to grow tomatoes with unlimited growth, then you need to start growing seedlings in a permanent place from the first half of May, and after all, these days are not uncommon for frosts and, accordingly, planting tomato seedlings in a greenhouse is very risky.

Sowing tomato seeds usually starts from mid-May to the third decade of April. Growing seedlings in pots for more than 50 days is not worth it. It is better to do a bed for tomatoes in a greenhouse for everything with a height of 20-25 centimeters, also, the greenhouse soil must be thoroughly loosened.

Before planting tomatoes in a greenhouse, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the soil (at a depth of cm. 20), if it does not exceed 130, then the planting should be postponed, since the roots of the tomato will not absorb nutrients and water.

If the time has come and there are no factors that prevent planting, then having made small holes in the upper layer of the soil, it is necessary to add a tablespoon of organic mineral fertilizer to them. The first two weeks, it is undesirable to water the plant.

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