Instructions for the use of the fungicide Topaz, what and when to process, how to breed

Instructions for the use of the fungicide Topaz, what and when to process, how to breed

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All vegetables, fruit crops and other plants need care and protection from pests and diseases. The most common disease is fungal infection.

In this case, it is effective to use the antifungal drug fungicide Topaz, having studied the instructions for use. The tool is universal and is considered the most effective among analogues.


  • Description of the drug, what it is, release form, toxicity
  • Fungicide Topaz, instructions for use: against what and how it is used, consumption rates
  • Fungicide topaz: compatibility with other drugs
  • Analogs of the fungicide Topaz
  • How to use fungicide Topaz for currants
  • Application of the fungicide topaz in the vineyard
  • Safety measures when working with the drug, waiting period
  • What are the advantages of Topaz processing
  • Can Topaz be used for indoor plants

Description of the drug, what it is, release form, toxicity

The product contains a potent substance - penconazole, which is mainly used for powdery mildew. The package contains a concentration of 100 grams per liter.

The drug works as follows:

  • Penconazole blocks the spread of the fungus and prevents the growth of spores. Even at a low concentration, the pathogenic fungus dies and stops reproducing. The effectiveness of the drug is that it is immediately absorbed into the plant, therefore, no weather conditions and temperature drops affect it.
  • The only drawback is storage limitation. The shelf life is no more than 4 years. You should not use an expired product, since from a poor-quality chemical the fruits become inedible and poisonous, you can cause irreversible damage to the plant.
  • The chemical is sold in sachets, a dosage of 3 milligrams, or ampoules, a dosage of 2 milligrams. If you need to process a large area, then Topaz can be bought in a 1 liter plastic bottle, diluted in accordance with the instructions.

The active ingredient is toxic. Although the drug is less dangerous for humans than for animals or insects, it is important to take precautions during its use and hide the substance from children.

Fungicide Topaz, instructions for use: against what and how it is used, consumption rates

Fungicide is a specially developed remedy against fungal diseases of various kinds.

The most commonly used chemical for powdery mildew, but it is also used productively:

  • from fruit rot;
  • coccomycosis;
  • oidium;
  • rust.

Florists and gardeners use the drug as a prophylaxis or therapeutic therapy for pome, vegetable and stone fruit crops, grapes, as well as indoor and ornamental plants. The main thing is to follow the instructions during the dilution of the substance.

Solution preparation scheme and recommendations:

  • The product is diluted in a small container, which will then need to be disposed of.
  • For garden trees, vineyards and small shrubs, it is enough to use two milligrams of the substance and dilute it in ten liters of water.
  • Vegetables and berries are treated with a solution, the concentration of which is 1 liter per 10 squares.
  • Although the drug is instantly absorbed, it is better to choose calm and dry weather for the procedure in order to enhance the treatment process and the effect on the fungus.
  • Do not wait until the plants get sick, it is advisable to process trees and other crops up to four times per season, adult perennial plants can be processed once in early spring.

Once diluted, the solution can be stored for up to eight hours.

Instructions for using the fungicide topaz - on the video:

Preventive manipulations will keep the plants healthy for years to come.

Fungicide topaz: compatibility with other drugs

Combining the drug with other pesticides is necessary to enhance the antifungal effect.

Compatibility is possible with such substances:

  • Topsin M. Designed to eliminate phytopathogenic mycelium.
  • Horus. Effectively fights against Alternaria, mononucleosis and scab.

Cuproxat. A powerful fungicide that kills scab, late blight and brown spot.

Before use, you need to carefully read the instructions and do not increase the dosage, so as not to cause harm.

Analogs of the fungicide Topaz

As an analogue, you can use the drug Avarta and Almaz, they have a similar composition and principle of application.

The fungicide Skor has similar properties, but it contains another active ingredient - difenoconazole.

Some experts are replacing the chemical with a folk remedy. To prepare the treatment solution, take water, a glass of milk and a small spoonful of edible salt.

The finished liquid dehydrates the fungal spore, as a result, it stops multiplying and dries out. The tool is not only effective, but also completely safe.

The only drawback is that this procedure must be performed every three days, during the processing it is important to close the soil so that salt particles do not fall on it.

Even more useful information about the Topaz fungicide - when watching the video:

How to use fungicide Topaz for currants

Currants are susceptible to powdery mildew attack. The disease is manifested by the formation of white bloom on berries, foliage and shoots. Plaque initially affects the lower branches, and then spreads upward.

To prepare the solution, you need to observe the proportion: three milligrams of the fungicide are put in fifteen liters of water. For 1 currant bush, one and a half liters of a diluted substance is used.

Use the solution as a prophylaxis during the formation of inflorescences, and after the discharge of flowers. For treatment, treatment is carried out when the first symptoms of infection are detected.

The procedure can be performed no more than four times per year. It is not necessary to carry out processing a month before the removal of the fruits.

The same scheme applies to raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, and strawberries.

Application of the fungicide topaz in the vineyard

The vine suffers from powdery mildew. The disease is manifested by the appearance of swollen yellow spots and white bloom on the stem and leaves. The result is deformation of the foliage and the discharge of inflorescences.

The drug is used for prophylactic purposes. To prepare the solution, ten liters of water and two milligrams of the chemical are taken. The fungicide is diluted in a separate container, and then poured into the sprayer. The substance is sprayed on the foliage, one and a half liters of the finished solution is enough for ten square meters.

The primary procedure is carried out after the end of bud break, and the secondary procedure is carried out at the end of flowering. In total, no more than four manipulations are carried out per season.

Safety measures when working with the drug, waiting period

When working with chemicals of any origin, care should be taken to avoid skin contact with the chemical. For humans, the drug is not deadly, but no one has canceled safety precautions.

The following points should be followed:

  • Use the container for one-time use only, then throw it away, but it is better to drip it.
  • When the substance evaporates, harmful toxins are emitted; it is worth using a respirator.
  • If the solution comes into contact with open skin, immediately rinse the area with running water.
  • If vapor poisoning occurs, it is important to immediately drink activated charcoal and half a liter of water. If the fungicide accidentally gets into the human digestive system, you need to rinse the stomach.
  • During processing, it is forbidden to smoke, drink and eat nearby, as vapors can be absorbed into food and liquid.
  • Store in an isolated, dark room, away from children, medicines and food.

Observing precautions, the procedure will take place without difficulty and without harm to health.

What are the advantages of Topaz processing

Among chemical preparations, you can find many similar agents, however, Topaz is the most productive and effective among them.

The drug has a number of positive aspects:

  • Unlike other substances, it has a long-lasting effect on fungal spores. This allows spraying less frequently, which means less stress on the soil and plants.
  • Thanks to the instant absorption of the solution, the elimination of the fungus occurs within a few hours after the procedure.
  • The concentration of the solution is sufficient for one ampoule or sachet to last for a whole season.
  • The drug has a wide range of applications, it is used for all cultivated and agricultural plants.
  • The chemical is slightly toxic, even if the product gets on the fruits, they are completely safe for consumption.
  • It has good compatibility with other chemicals, which improves efficiency.

Due to these advantages, the popularity of Topaz is several times higher than the demand for other, similar substances.

Can Topaz be used for indoor plants

Ideal for treating indoor plants, as many of them are also susceptible to rust and powdery mildew.

For indoor crops, the concentration is increased by two and a half times. From infection with powdery mildew, flowers are treated with a liquid, observing the proportion: two milliliters to five liters of water. One and a half liters of prepared liquid goes into ten squares.

To treat carnations or roses from rust, the norm is four milliliters per ten liters of water. The procedures are carried out several times a year, as a treatment or prevention. The effectiveness of the action for indoor plants is even greater, since there is no influence of natural factors.

So, Topaz fungicide is a universal antifungal agent for cultivated, fruit and ornamental plants. The main thing is not to increase the recommended concentration, for each culture there is its own norm, and during the procedure it is important to be careful using personal protective equipment.

The solution is used as a treatment for fungal diseases or for prevention.

Watch the video: Mixing and Applying Fungicide -- Family Plot (July 2022).


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