Dogwood tree, how to plant correctly, care features, useful properties

Dogwood tree, how to plant correctly, care features, useful properties

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Cornel is a very tasty berry that immediately evokes pleasant childhood memories. The dogwood tree is widely used by gardeners, planting it in the garden next to a pear and an apple tree.

Although the tree is considered unpretentious, it is still important to timely carry out watering, feeding, pruning and other agrotechnical procedures. Let's take a closer look at how to do this.


  • Dogwood tree, description
  • Cornelian varieties: Lukyanovsky, Vladimirsky
  • How to plant a dogwood in the country
  • Growing, care rules
  • How to prune dogwood correctly
  • What are the benefits of dogwood for men and women
  • Contraindications and dangerous properties of the product
  • How to use the berry correctly

Dogwood tree, description

The plant can be characterized as follows:

  • The dogwood tree is small, so some call it a tall shrub (its approximate height is two and a half meters).
  • Shoots are orange-red in color, a tree with a strong root system, quickly takes root when planted.
  • The leaves are bright green.
  • Inflorescences are white, milky, their diameter is no more than five centimeters.
  • Fruit ripening occurs at the end of August, and lasts until October.

Dogwood berries contain seeds inside. The color and shape differs depending on the variety. Fruits are round, pear-shaped and elongated, and in color: purple, red, yellow, pink and black.

Dogwood tastes sweet and juicy, some varieties have a slight astringency, sourness, are not juicy, dryish.

The tree is long-lived, with proper care it can live for more than 100 years.

Frost resistance is good, however, if the outside temperature is below minus 30 degrees, the ends of the shoots may suffer.

Each variety has its own individual characteristics, therefore, before planting it, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the selected culture.

Cornelian varieties: Lukyanovsky, Vladimirsky

There are a lot of varieties, consider the two most common.

Variety Lukyanovsky, characteristic:

  • Possesses good frost resistance, easily tolerates drought.
  • High yield, which increases every year. If the tree is about fifteen years old, the yield is between thirty and forty kilograms, and if it is at least twenty-five years old, the yield increases to seventy kilograms.
  • The berries ripen in August, before the first days of September.
  • The shape of the fruit is pear-shaped, bottle-shaped. Even when ripe, they stick well to the tree. Inside there is a bone, the flesh is scarlet, in the middle is a little light. The skin is red, when ripe it becomes almost black.

The weight of one dogwood is six grams, in rare cases it can exceed seven and a half, this is a rather large size, unlike other varieties.

It is eaten in its pure form, used for jam, syrup, jam and compotes, it is recommended to pick berries in ripe form, then they have the maximum number of useful properties.

The Lukyanovsky variety is not picky about climatic conditions and grows well on any soil, even marshy.

Variety Vladimirsky, characteristic qualities:

  • Not susceptible to attacks by pests and diseases characteristic of this culture.
  • The weight of the berries exceeds the weight of the fruits of the Lukyanovsky variety, the weight of one berry is nine grams. Fruit color is red when overripe - black.
  • Very high fertility, up to fifty kilograms of fruit are harvested from one tree, up to sixty kilograms are obtained from an old dogwood.
  • The taste is sweet, with a pleasant sourness and strong aroma.
  • Inside there is a small bone and dense flesh.
  • Berries are suitable for fresh use and for conservation.
  • Harvesting is carried out in late September and early October.

Planting of seedlings is carried out in the fall.

The principle of caring for each variety is the same, there should be no difficulties if everything is done correctly and on time.

How to plant a dogwood in the country

Step-by-step instruction:

  • To begin with, you should decide on the optimal time for disembarkation. The ideal period is considered to be autumn, when the foliage is opal on the poplars. Landing in the spring is allowed, in which case the time is rightly selected so that the earth warms up well, otherwise the roots will die.
  • The next step is soil and site selection. Dogwood prefers lime soil, although some varieties are planted in any soil. It is better to choose the south-west or south side as the site. Groundwater should not be closer than one and a half meters to the surface of the earth. If there is acidic soil on the site, this will have a bad effect on the yield and development of the root system of the tree.
  • It is advisable to plant several trees in one area at the same time, at a distance of three to five meters from each other. Thanks to pollination, the yield will double.

Selection of seedlings

Two-year-old plants are suitable for planting, the thickness of the shoot is at least 2 centimeters, and the height is at least one and a half meters. Branches must be present, at least three.

Landing in the ground

The optimum pit depth is eighty centimeters. It is recommended that after digging the hole, drive a peg into the hole to tie the seedling to it. A peg is driven in from the windy side - from where the winds most often blow.

Mix the excavated earth with mineral fertilizing and humus. Make a mound of this mixture in the center, where the young tree will be located. Gently spread the roots and cover them on top with the remaining fertilized soil. The neck of the root should be 4 centimeters above the surface of the garden area.

Now the soil under the seedling is well poured, for this you will need at least 3 buckets of water. After the earth settles and equals the plot, cut off the shoots by a third and tie the stem to the peg driven in advance.

The area around the trunk is mulched with humus and covered with dry earth. The disembarkation process is over.

Growing, care rules

Dogwood care is almost identical to the technique used on fruit bushes.

The growing process includes the following stages:

  • watering;
  • weeding to eliminate weeds and plow the soil;
  • pruning;
  • top dressing.

The tree, with proper care, gives a good harvest every year, unlike other shrubs, which are characterized by a frequency of fruiting.

Active growth and swelling of the buds begins in May and lasts until June, during this period the dogwood needs special care, formation and watering.

During watering, dig a small groove around the tree, this will allow the water not to spread, but to fully penetrate to the root system. Watering is needed in moderation, it is important to avoid dryness of the soil, but it is unacceptable for the roots to be in the water all the time. In the first case, the root will dry out, and in the second, it will rot.

After watering, weeding and plowing of the earth is carried out. It is recommended to loosen the soil eight to ten centimeters deep, but it is important to be careful not to damage the root system. At the same time, it is advisable to remove all weeds so that they do not take up moisture, minerals and do not deplete the roots of the tree.

Phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers are used as fertilizers, especially at the beginning of the season. In the future, it is effective to use wood ash or other substances that include potassium and calcium. Compost or humus is also used.

These procedures will strengthen the stem, root, and contribute to good yields. Also, proper formation contributes to obtaining a bountiful harvest, pruning will help in this. Reproduction takes place in three ways: layering, seeds, cuttings.

Let's watch a video about planting and growing a dogwood tree:

How to prune dogwood correctly

It's time for pruning, don't worry about it. No special skills are required, so even a beginner can carry out the procedure.

Dogwood blooms early, almost one of the first, so it is important to start sanitary pruning in the last months of winter, it is important to be in time before the buds wake up.

Operating principle:

  • The branches growing inside are cut off, which contribute to thickening.
  • Sick, dry, broken and intertwined branches are removed so that the roots do not waste their energy.
  • Now it is worth tackling the crown, it is important to cut it so that not only the lateral branches, but also the inner shoots located in the middle, are illuminated by sunlight.
  • Dogwood is very fond of the sun and warmth, therefore, they create a candelabra-shaped palmette, arrange all skeletal branches in one direction, this is especially effective for a garden where there is not enough free space. With palmette, the garden becomes a decorative place.

Then, at all times, regular pruning of wild growth is important.

When the tree is at least 15 years old, rejuvenating pruning is performed.

We watch a video about pruning dogwood:

What are the benefits of dogwood for men and women

Cornel is very useful for both men and women. The main advantage of the fruit is that it quickly strengthens the human immune system, stabilizes blood pressure and increases hemoglobin.

If you eat berries daily, it contributes to the normal functioning of the entire digestive tract, the nervous system is restored, bile is excreted correctly, blood vessels are strengthened, cornelian cherry has a choleretic effect.

Benefits for women:

  • Due to its composition, dogwood is widely used to restore the skin. On its basis, cosmetology products are prepared.
  • Fresh berries are low in calories, they also normalize metabolism, toxins and toxins are removed from the body, metabolism is accelerated. All of this is important for obese women.

Benefits in the gynecological field. Allows you to restore the menstrual cycle and reduce soreness. This is due to the high iron content.

Dogwood fruits have a very good effect on pregnancy. A wide variety and volume of minerals, vitamins strengthens the mother's immunity, has a beneficial effect on the heart system of the baby and mother.

Dogwood is also a diuretic, therefore, with severe swelling, it will quickly get rid of excess fluid. In this case, you should not exceed the daily dosage, otherwise this berry will harm the pregnant woman.

Benefits for men:

  • Dried and fresh berries charge the body with energy, giving strength and vigor.
  • If you drink tea based on berries or eat no more than 50 grams per day, then you will be more cheerful than a cup of coffee, and the benefits are much greater.

Cornel is useful for men as prevention and protection against the development of prostate cancer.

Men should not get carried away with dogwood if they have allergies, problems with high acidity and constipation.

Let's watch a video about the benefits of berries:

Contraindications and dangerous properties of the product

Although berries have a positive effect on the body, there are a number of contraindications that are very important to consider.

Here is a list of contraindications:

  • You can not eat dogwood for such diseases: stomach ulcers, gastritis, high acidity, pancreatitis.
  • Chronic constipation. Berries have a firming effect.
  • Contraindicated for insomnia and emotional imbalance.
  • Allergy sufferers should be used with caution.
  • Individual intolerance to one of the components that make up the fetus.
  • It is especially dangerous to eat unripe berries.

How to eat fruits correctly

To get the most out of your dogwood, it's important to do it right.

Here are some guidelines:

  • The largest amount of useful elements is contained not in the pulp, but in the bone.
  • Many people throw bones away without realizing that they too can be eaten. To do this, dry the seeds and grind them to a powdery state. Then coffee is made from this raw material.
  • This drink will not only give energy, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the intestines.
  • Juice is squeezed out of fresh berries, in this form to take dogwood for patients with diabetes mellitus.
  • Dried fruits are advised to eat for hypertension and heart disease.
  • It is not recommended to drink jelly, compotes, decoctions and eat fresh berries before bedtime. This is due to the fact that the dogwood increases the appetite and can make you feel hungry, which as a result will lead to poor sleep and even insomnia.
  • It is useful to take a berry broth during the day as a prophylaxis against colds, it helps well against coughs and inflammation.
  • In order to lose weight, use 100 g, maximum 150 g fresh berries, before breakfast.
  • Infusion or compote is good to take during the diet. Bee honey is added for taste, if there is no allergy.

Do not forget about precautions and contraindications so that you do not get harm instead of benefit.

So, dogwood is a very healthy berry. To get a bountiful harvest, it is important to water the tree on time and follow all agrotechnical procedures: planting, feeding and pruning on time.

To get the most out of your fruit, it is important to know how to eat them properly, and not forget about contraindications.

Watch the video: Potting up plug plants. How to and why. Cabbages are growing well. (July 2022).


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