Ultrasonic pigeon repeller, its effectiveness, other types of repeller

Ultrasonic pigeon repeller, its effectiveness, other types of repeller

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It is difficult to overestimate the benefits that birds, in particular pigeons, bring. They destroy a huge number of insects harmful to the garden and vegetable garden, especially during the period of feeding the chicks.

But at the same time, birds are able to cause a lot of trouble for gardeners and vegetable growers, since their favorite delicacies are seedlings of cultivated plants and ripe fruits.

The close proximity to birds has long forced landowners to resort to various tricks, they used stuffed animals, sound signals, attracted dogs to help, and adopted fairly modern effective devices, such as an ultrasonic pigeon repeller.


  1. What methods are used to scare away birds
  2. Visual scarers
  3. Ultrasonic and sound scarers
  4. Is it possible to make a do-it-yourself pigeon repeller
  5. Homemade ultrasonic pigeon repeller

Ways to scare away birds

First of all, you should understand the reasons for the increased interest of birds in your site. It is possible that members of your family, or neighbors, feed them. If the cause of the constant raids of pigeons is not the provoking behavior of people, then you will need to take serious care of the acquisition of deterrents and their installation on the site.

Such devices, depending on the principle of their action, can be divided into several types:

  • visual bird repeller
  • ultrasonic, the principle of which is to generate high frequency sounds
  • bioacoustic
  • sound

You can often find a do-it-yourself pigeon repeller.

Of course, all these devices have a different look, size and cost.

Visual repellents and their effectiveness

The cheapest and most affordable for self-production. They are stuffed or mimic the appearance of feathered predators or animals that can hunt pigeons.

The combination of menacing outlines of predators, bright geometric shapes makes the birds feel a sense of danger. Handing over such a device with your own hands is not at all difficult and not costly. since you can take improvised means into work. But this option is not often used, since the desired effect is unlikely to be obtained.

The use of a combination of visual and bioacoustic repellents will be much more effective, especially if the area is large and open.

Seeing a potentially dangerous creature, the presence of which is confirmed by sound, the bird panics, the instinct of self-preservation forces it to leave the territory where there is a threat to life. Subsequently, the frightened birds prefer to avoid returning to this area.

Both bioacoustic and visual repellents are not effective enough, therefore, in most cases, they are used in combination.

Sonic and ultrasonic scarers

An ultrasonic pigeon repeller is essentially a generator of high-frequency impulses inaudible to humans, which cause a feeling of terrible discomfort in birds. To enhance the effect, the device is equipped with a light flash generator.

An undeniably important positive moment for a person is the silent operation of the device.

The price of the device is relatively high, above $ 50.

A significant drawback is the small area of ​​action, it can be a balcony, terrace, roof section.

Among the positive aspects, one should recall the fact that after three weeks of using the device, birds develop a stable dislike for this area, they prefer to stay away from it.

For example, the ls-987bf ultrasonic bird repeller, equipped with a special sensor, is triggered when birds approach at a distance of 12 m, and operates in the range of an angle of 70 degrees. It emits a variable ultrasonic signal and a light from a working LED. There are special connectors for mounting the device on the wall.

Sound scarers

Sonic scarers are units equipped with gas cannons. The automatic device is programmed in such a way that, at regular intervals, flammable gas is supplied to special chambers, and when it is ignited, a loud sound is emitted, scaring away birds.

The tripod on which the device is attached allows it to rotate around its own axis, this significantly increases the area over which the sound waves propagate.

A scarer of this type is quite effective, it provides protection against birds on an area of ​​5 to 10 hectares.

It is used, as a rule, to protect fields with sunflowers, orchards, grape plantations, industrial enterprises and airports.

Is it possible to make a do-it-yourself pigeon repeller

There are many options for making homemade scarers, some of them have an extremely simple design. For example, in just a few minutes, you can build a device from the film used for video and audio cassettes.

The film is cut into small pieces, fastened on one side, tied to a string and hung in places that are exposed to the invasion of birds. Fragments of the film set in motion from the slightest movement of air, make noise and flicker, which scares the birds away.

It's just as easy to make a fixture from old CDs. Several pieces are attached to a string, suspended in a place requiring protection. The discs sparkle in the sun and make a slight noise, frightening the pigeons.

Homemade ultrasonic pigeon repeller

It is also possible to build an ultrasonic bird repeller with your own hands, but this will require:

  • device diagram
  • a set of resistors, transistors, diodes and capacitors
  • new or used piezo emitter, this component is required
  • an old board or a piece of fiberglass that will serve as the basis for assembling the device
  • soldering iron

Naturally, it will be quite difficult to build a device for a person who does not have assembly skills.

Self-made scarecrows are quite cheap to manufacture, but their effectiveness is not high, their effect may be limited by weather conditions, and the range is small. They can be used to protect balconies or terraces from birds.

Complex electronic home-made devices can not be made by everyone. Therefore, the best option for protecting a large garden or field can be considered a purchased device that works efficiently and reliably.

You will learn more about the bioacoustic pigeon repeller by watching the video:

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