How to sow parsley

How to sow parsley

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Parsley is one of the most common inhabitants in all vegetable gardens in our country. How to sow parsley correctly?

Before sowing seeds, it is necessary to prepare and loosen the soil. Parsley is a rather unpretentious plant that can grow both on the sunny side and in dense shade. For early parsley, choose bright, sunny areas where it will rise much earlier. In the spring, the sowing site can be covered with a film so that the earth does not freeze during nighttime cold snaps. To prevent parsley from turning yellow from the direct sun in summer, you can plant several rows in a shaded place, where it will rise a little later, but will be protected from the scorching daytime sun. Before sowing, parsley seeds should be soaked on a damp gauze for 3-5 days. Once the seeds hatch, they are ready to plant.

The seeds are sown into the ground in special grooves to a depth of 1-2 cm. The distance between the grooves should be about 10 cm. To constantly have fresh herbs on your table, sow parsley gradually, at intervals of 1 week. Thus, it will emerge and grow gradually, providing you with nutrients and vitamins throughout the season.

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