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Crossandra nilotica

Crossandra nilotica

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It is a genus of fifty species of evergreen suffruticose tropical plants, originating in India and Malaysia. They have orange flowers that last a long time. They bloom from spring to autumn and consist of a tubular part and five lobes. They are gathered in spike inflorescences at the end of the floral scape.
The leaves are elliptical lanceolate, dark green, with wavy edges and evident veins. It is a perennial plant that, however, in European climates, can be grown as an indoor plant, or in the garden as an annual plant, since it is not able to withstand the harsh winter temperatures.
The Nilotica Crossandra is native to East Africa with shiny dark green elliptical leaves up to ten centimeters long. The brick-red flowers, gathered in terminal spikes, bloom from spring to autumn. It is a plant that usually reaches 60 centimeters maximum height, lending itself very well to being cultivated in the apartment.

The rust manifests itself with orange pustules on the underside of the leaves. To avoid rottenness and mold, remove the withered leaves and flowers and check the degree of humidity and the presence of water stagnation. This plant can also be affected by aphids, which can be eliminated with specific products or by washing the leaves with soap and water, which must then be carefully rinsed.


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