Why indoor flowers do not grow in the apartment, we eliminate the causes of the death of plants

Why indoor flowers do not grow in the apartment, we eliminate the causes of the death of plants

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In almost every house, houseplants have a place of honor on the windowsills. So why don't indoor flowers grow in the apartment?


  1. Possible causes of the death of indoor plants
  2. When do plants significantly slow down growth?
  3. Impact of poor house energy on plant growth
  4. How to create comfortable conditions for indoor plants

Possible causes of the death of indoor plants

Slow growth or death of indoor flowers can sadden any gardener. To prevent the problem, you should familiarize yourself with the possible reasons for the deterioration of the health of flowers. The article will tell you about the likely causes of slowdown in growth and death and methods of dealing with them.

The death of green pets can be triggered by a number of factors. The most dangerous and common are the following.


Dark spots on the leaves, lethargy and dryness may indicate the presence and development of the disease. The most common are: powdery mildew, mosaic disease, anthracnose, septoria and others. They arise as a result of infection by fungi or viruses. In the absence of proper measures, it can lead to death.


If the stem begins to wilt, mucus appears on the leaves, or traces of punctures are found, this may indicate damage by harmful insects: thrips, aphids, ticks and others.

To prevent this, it is recommended to carefully monitor the condition of the flowers and not to place recently purchased flowers in the immediate vicinity of other representatives of the home garden for some time.

Contaminated air

In the process of breathing, flowers absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. However, too much gas contamination of the air can lead to a failure of the breathing processes. Especially often this problem arises in plants located on the windowsills of apartments in megalopolises. The abundance of exhaust gases that are absorbed by the green filters often leads to a deterioration in their well-being and drying out.

Failure to comply with the rules of care

Plants, like humans, have a number of characteristics: some like abundant watering and diffused light, some like low humidity and bright light. Before placing a flower on the windowsill, you should familiarize yourself with these features, because a flower placed in inappropriate conditions can die.

Abundance of chemicals applied to the soil

Often this problem concerns flowers that were purchased in stores. So, a large amount of fertilizers can be addictive and when it gets into a different environment, the lack of such feeding can lead to drying out.

The reasons for the death of flowers in an apartment can be different: from pests to poor environmental conditions. However, if the plant suddenly begins to wilt, you should pay attention to this, since lack of proper care can lead to death.

When do plants significantly slow down growth?

Slow growing indoor plants are another cause of concern for growers. However, this trouble does not appear just like that.

The reasons for the slowdown in growth include:

  • Diseases that adversely affect the stability of the functioning of the plant organism
  • Pests that slow down growth processes, damaging the integrity of the body
  • Unsuitable container - too cramped or, on the contrary, spacious. And if in the first case the root system is corny too closely, in the second there is too much water spreading over the pot
  • Unsuitable soil, which may be too poor or, on the contrary, rich in chemical elements, for the growth and development of a particular species
  • Failure to comply with the transplant rules - the wrong time of the year or damage to the root system in the process
  • Failure to follow the rules of feeding, since the plant may well slow down growth due to a lack or excess of useful micro and macro elements.

Lack of a dormant period, which is vital for some plants. At this time, they fall into a kind of suspended animation.

Impact of poor house energy on plant growth

According to bioenergy specialists, if flowers grow well in a house, then the energy in it is good and bright. However, some argue that with a heavy atmosphere of constant negativity, these representatives of the flora can slow down their growth or even die.

In addition, flowers often do not take root well and grow with pessimistic owners.

The delicate sensitivity of green window sill dwellers may seem like a myth, but a number of studies support this hypothesis. Flowers can indeed sense and respond to energy fluctuations in a building.

Thus, if the plants wither or grow poorly for no apparent reason, the matter may be in problems or poor health of the owner.

How to create comfortable conditions for indoor plants

In order for the plants to please with fast growth and vigorous appearance, you should pay attention to creating the most comfortable conditions.

These include:

  • Do not miss the appearance of mucus or bite marks, eliminate the problem of parasites and diseases in time
  • Provide a dormant period - in the winter for some plants, it is necessary to minimize watering, reduce air temperature and lighting levels
  • Optimize the supply of fertilizers - avoid shortages or surpluses
  • Select the correct container for the size of the root system
  • When selecting the soil, focus on the characteristics of the flower - if it comes from hot regions, the soils of humid regions will not work;
  • Observe the features of the temperature regime and clarification, which are comfortable for a particular species

If you provide a green pet with comfortable conditions, it will thank the owner with a cheerful look and abundant flowering.

There are many reasons why indoor flowers may not grow or die. To prevent the death of a green pet, you should not lose sight of the deterioration of the condition and provide a comfortable environment.

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