How to grow watercress on a windowsill

How to grow watercress on a windowsill

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Very often, at the end of winter, amateur gardeners can no longer wait for the start of the gardening season and begin to equip miniature beds right on the windowsills. They grow quite easily, and their beautiful appearance helps to get rid of the spring depression.

Alternatively, you can try growing watercress on a windowsill. Watercress is perfect for dressing salads or even hot dishes, as it has an interesting tart taste. Watercress grows quickly enough and just a week after sowing the salad, you can use it in your culinary masterpieces.

Watercress on the windowsill is grown in small trays, the bottom of which is covered with cotton wool 1-2 cm thick. Moisten the cotton wool, but so that the water does not stand in the tray, and evenly spread the watercress seeds in it, which can be bought at a regular seed store. Place the tray on a sunny windowsill and provide it with fresh air. You can also use a fluorescent lamp. Every day, you should moisten the cotton wool on which the salad grows and the seeds will begin to germinate very quickly. Literally 5-7 days and the salad can already be used in salads and added to various dishes.

Ordinary soil can also be used as soil, which will also need to be moistened daily.

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