Apricot Aquarius: characteristics of the variety and cultivation features

Apricot Aquarius: characteristics of the variety and cultivation features

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Apricots are grown in southern countries, but you can get fruits from this tree even in cool climates. This apricot variety is a seedling of the Lel variety.


  • Description of the variety
  • Growing principles
  • Apricot care
  • Culinary and medicinal uses

Description of the variety

Apricot variety "Aquarius" is a tall plant, the length of which can reach 6 m. It blooms profusely, with small white flowers. The fruits ripen in a round shape and have a pronounced seam. The degree of ripeness will be indicated by the yellow skin and orange flesh.

A small bone is separated from the fruit. The weight of the apricot is about 27-32g.

The pulp of the fruit is of medium density and has a sweet and sour taste. Fruiting occurs at the 3rd year of life. From one young tree, you can collect about 10-15 kg of apricots, and from an adult 25-30 kg. If you take proper care of the tree, the yield can be maintained for 18-20 years.

Growing principles

Before planting a seedling, you need to select and prepare a site. It is recommended to grow apricots in a well-lit area that is protected from gusts of wind. The best place is the east or southeast side.

It should be remembered that the plant is afraid of waterlogging, therefore, it is not recommended to place it in areas with a close occurrence of groundwater. Planting is usually carried out at the end of April, but the site should be prepared in the fall. The soil mixture for growing apricots should not be homogeneous, therefore clay, peat, sand are added. It is recommended to add compost, wood ash or dolomite flour.

It is advisable to adhere to a 5x5 landing pattern. The optimal size of the pit for planting is 70x70x70 cm. A drainage layer must be placed on the bottom. The seedling is carefully placed in the center of the recess, covered with soil mixture and filled with water. One tree will need at least 2 liters of water.

If necessary, you can stick a stake at a distance of 10-15 cm from the tree. It will help hold the plant in place until the trunk is strengthened. When planting, an important rule must be observed: the root collar should be on the surface, at a height of about 2-4 cm.

Apricot care

When growing an apricot tree, it is necessary to properly care for it in order to obtain a good harvest. Like many fruit plants, the apricot needs regular feeding. In autumn, you should feed with organic fertilizers in the form of compost or mullein, in summer with phosphorus fertilizers, and in spring with nitrogen fertilizers.

The plant should be watered at the stage of growth and ovary formation. If the planting was carried out in the spring, then watering is stopped in August. This will prepare the plant for winter conditions. In most apricot trees, the crown forms on its own, but it is important not to forget to remove excess shoots.

In addition, they reduce yields. This procedure promotes better lighting and fruiting. Slices must be covered with garden pitch. Weeds should be removed and the trunk circle should be loosened periodically. From mid-autumn to the beginning of winter, you need to whitewash the trees.

This will help protect the plant from adverse conditions in winter and spring. This plant is resistant to many diseases, but it can be affected by a fungal disease - scab. For preventive purposes, in order to prevent the development of scab, it is recommended to treat the plant with Bordeaux liquid. This procedure should be carried out before bud break.

Culinary and medicinal uses

Apricots are universal fruits. They can be dried, frozen, canned, or used fresh. Dried fruits have a high dry matter content. The fruits of the apricot tree contain a large amount of nutrients and vitamins. These fruits are very fond of not only children, but also children.

They can be eaten separately or in combination with cottage cheese, porridge, ice cream, dessert. Delicious preserves, jam, compotes are obtained from apricots. Often, alcoholic beverages are prepared from the fruits. Apricots are used to prepare various types of baked goods: pies, muffins, puff envelopes, shortbread cake, etc.

These fruits are very valuable for culinary specialists. A wide variety of dishes can be prepared from them. Apricots are widely used not only in cooking, but also for medicinal purposes. Apricots are rich in potassium, so they are recommended for use in the diet of people with cardiovascular diseases, immune pathologies, as well as the elderly.

The fruits contain a large amount of iron, so they should be consumed by pregnant women. You can make face masks from juicy apricots. Apricots are of great value for a dietary and healthy diet.

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