How to propagate geraniums: basic methods

How to propagate geraniums: basic methods

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Garden geranium has taken root in the plots of domestic gardeners. For novice gardeners, it will be useful to know how geranium reproduces, and what nuances of plant care exist.


  • Reproduction nuances. What is the best way to breed a plant?
  • Basic rules for caring for geraniums
  • Special attention: diseases and pests

Reproduction nuances. What is the best way to breed a plant?

Geranium is the most common indoor plant, and not only because it is easy to care for. Geranium is not whimsical in the choice of soil and feeding, and easily tolerate our climatic conditions. Today there are more than 300 types of geraniums. They are divided into indoor and garden plant species. Regardless of the type of plant (meaning indoor / garden), care and reproduction, come down to the same rules.

One of the most popular breeding methods for geraniums is seed. But it should be noted that there is no 100% guarantee that the sprout will sprout. It all depends on the correct observance of the temperature regime, humidity and watering of the soil.

On average, after planting the seeds, borings appear after 2-5 months. Propagation of geraniums by cuttings gives almost a 100% guarantee for survival. To do this, pinch off the upper process from an adult plant, place it in a glass, and wait for it to sprout roots. After the sprout has sprouted, it can be planted in a pot of soil or on a garden plot.

So, there are several ways to breed geraniums:

  • vegetative (cuttings)
  • sexual (planting seeds)

Regardless of which breeding method you choose, you must remember that like any other type of plant - "young" geranium requires careful care. Plant survival is an important step, and at this stage it is important to provide excellent boring care.

Basic rules for caring for geraniums

In order for the geranium to please the owner with a long and persistent flowering, it is necessary to organize proper care for the plant. It does not matter at all whether geranium grows in the garden or at home - it needs to create the right flower garden. The rules for caring for geraniums consist of several important points. The flowering of pelargonium directly depends on correct watering. In the summer, the plant should be watered every 2-3 days; in the winter, watering should be reduced to 2 times a week.

Remember that it is better to moisturize the soil in the evening. The flower does not need additional moisture. Spraying can lead to the death of the leaves. The optimum air temperature is + 20-23 degrees. Pelargonium is not at all afraid of temperature changes. If we are talking about the type of indoor plant, then you can safely put a pot with a flower on the windowsill.

Top dressing. The plant is recommended to be fed 1-2 times a month. You can pick up a mineralized complex for flowering plants. The minerals will help prolong and improve the flowering of the plant. Remember to carefully remove dry twigs. They interfere with the growth of the plant, and do not allow new pagons to develop normally.

Houseplants in the summer can be safely taken out onto the balcony. However, it is better to choose the non-sunny side. And although geranium is not very picky, the sun's rays are unacceptable companions for it. You can transplant room geraniums at any time of the year. It is better to plant garden pelargonium in late May, early June. Do not forget about loosening and preliminary moistening of the soil.

Special attention: diseases and pests

Geranium is rarely sick. The main causes of the "disease" of a plant are external factors, including: dry air, excessive watering, direct sunlight on the plant, overfeeding with additional fertilizing. Most often, the plant suffers from infection with the fungus Botrytis. Infection can be identified by the following symptoms: gray, dry spots on the stems and leaves of geraniums.

If you do not take action in time, the flower will completely rot. What measures need to be taken?

  • Trim affected sheets
  • Observe the watering regime
  • Treat the plant with fungicides

The plant can also be attacked by bacteria. As a result, the leaves of the plant turn brown and crumble over time. Steps to take:

  • Remove affected sheets
  • Change soil (top layer)
  • Mark complementary foods
  • Apply bacteriological preparations for plants

Tomato wilt is also a common plant disease. It is characterized by annular spotting. If you notice the disease in the early stages, you can easily get rid of it and save the geranium. If the disease progresses rapidly, it is better to remove the flower pot from healthy plants.

What measures to take:

  • Remove weeds in time
  • Remove affected areas of the plant
  • Process the plant from thrips in a timely manner
  • Do not feed the soil with excessive water

Aphids are the most common pest of all indoor plants. She is attracted by the moist soil in which it is so easy to lay the larvae. To get rid of the misfortune, you can use special aerosols with natural oils (such as "Iskra", "StopTlya"). Often, a solution from laundry soap and potassium permanganate is used to destroy aphids.

In caring for geraniums, you need to know when to stop. It is worth remembering that watering, feeding and fresh air is great, but everywhere you need to remember about a sense of proportion. By the way, if dry air prevails in your room, it will be useful to know about the use of a humidifier. This will benefit not only the plants in the house, but all residents as well.

If dust collects on the leaves of the plant, remember that it is strictly forbidden to remove it with a damp cloth or a jet of water. Dust is best removed gently with a soft cloth, but remember that sudden movements can damage the fragile geranium trunk. As you can see, the care and reproduction of geraniums is not so difficult. Following simple rules, the flower will delight you with a long and fragrant flowering!

Video about a beautiful geranium growing in the garden:

Watch the video: Taking Pelargonium Cuttings Zonal And Ivy Leaved Geranium (June 2022).


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