The Ministry of Emergency Situations saves us, and the harvests are biological products.

<span property=The Ministry of Emergency Situations saves us, and the harvests are biological products." />

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konst.skotnikov Tue 04/19/2016 - 10:11

Many people have the feeling that nature is angry with humanity, sending more and more new troubles in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts. Perhaps nature is testing our species for strength, or maybe it suggests that it is time for us to unite? One way or another, the EMERCOM of Russia reports on its readiness to withstand any cataclysms, and in this direction the organization has significant successes: in Russia, the number of people affected by emergencies continues to decline... This is confirmed by the large-scale flood in the Far East in several constituent entities of the Russian Federation at once: the element "broke off its teeth" and did not claim a single human life - good fellows of the Ministry of Emergency Situations!

Like the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the research and development enterprise NVP "BashInkom" develops biological products that can save - save crops in the fields, orchards and gardens, thereby significantly reducing the economic damage from climatic imbalances. The preparations based on the natural components Gumi and Fitosporin successfully protect cultivated plants from all kinds of stresses - drought, frost, heat, the effects of herbicides, prevent the emergence and development of diseases. It is not enough to save a person, it is also important to provide him with food, and for this it is often necessary to save the harvest, in which Bashkir biological products have already helped more than once.

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