Ataman grape: care features

Ataman grape: care features

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Grapes always take pride of place on the festive table, and on simple weekdays, few people refuse to eat delicious and juicy berries. One of the favorite varieties of most grape lovers is Ataman. Its berries are very large, fleshy, with a pleasant and not very sweet taste.


  • A little about the variety
  • How to care for Ataman grapes

A little about the variety

The Ataman grape is a hybrid that was obtained by crossing the well-known Rizamat and Talisman varieties, each of which has its own flavor. And that's why the choice fell on them.

The bunches are very large, since the berries also reach not small sizes, about 3 centimeters in length and the same amount in width. The bunch itself often weighs more than one kilogram.

It is believed that the normal average weight of one bunch of well-ripened Ataman grapes will be about 700 grams. True, the skin of the berries is quite dense, and therefore not all grape lovers purchase it for children.

Separately, it must be said about the bushes themselves. The bush of this variety is large, with a rather large number of shoots. And it simply will not work in another way, since not every fragile twig can hold such large clusters.

Gardeners distinguish several advantages of the Ataman variety:

  • The bunches, as well as the berries themselves, are practically the largest of all known grape varieties.
  • The grapes are easily transported due to their dense skin and large berry size
  • The presentation is so attractive that the grapes are sold out in the markets literally an hour after being laid out on the counter
  • Wasps, due to their dense skin, damage berries less than any other variety
  • Even in the coldest summer, grapes will harvest

The Ataman variety is very popular among restaurateurs and ordinary people, as its excellent appearance and taste allow it to decorate any festive table with it without any hesitation.

How to care for Ataman grapes

The Ataman grape demands attention, especially when it comes to grooming. And for good reason. In the event that the gardener does everything right, he will generously endow him with the harvest.

The main features of caring for a variety include:

  1. Mulching. Before planting grapes, or rather its seedlings, the earth must be mulched, that is, sprinkle it on top with material that will well regulate not only the water, but also the heat balance. This must be done a season before the seedlings are placed in the soil. This is required because the grapes should already initially grow in an acceptable and well-fertilized soil for it. It is advisable to wait until the air temperature warms up to at least 11 degrees, and only then do the work. For mulching, you can use straw, manure, polyethylene
  2. Watering. Grapes require a lot of moisture, especially during the dry summer season. You need to water so that the water spreads completely throughout the entire root system, that is, to water one bush, you will need about 8 or 9 buckets of water. After watering, waiting for the water to be absorbed, the soil can be loosened a little to ensure better air flow.
  3. Shelter. Some gardeners do not like this variety for one reason only, that it needs to be covered for the winter. If this is not done, then the bushes will die. Because the minimum temperature that a plant can withstand is minus 23 degrees Celsius. Before you start covering, you need to carefully lay the vine on the ground, and only then start the main work. Most often, ground is used for covering, dry leaves, or even covered with a plastic bag. In the event that the shelter takes place with the help of a film, then it is tedious to make either a few holes, or leave a gap so that air flows to the vine.
  4. Pruning. You need to cut this variety only before you need to cover it for the winter. This is another particular feature of this variety, as most gardeners are used to pruning grapes early in the season.
  5. Fertilizer. In order for the clusters to be large and the berries sweet, it is necessary to thoroughly fertilize the soil. This is best done in the spring. Most often, nitrogen, phosphorus, saltpeter, simple manure, etc. are used to fertilize the soil.
  6. Protection. The bushes must be processed in order to protect them from such a dangerous fungal disease as powdery mildew. To do this, you need to spray the bushes with a suspension of sulfur. A sign that the disease has nevertheless struck the plant will be the appearance of a white bloom on the berries. Another disease dangerous for this variety is mildew. Oily spots on the leaves are the main symptom of the disease. To protect yourself from it, or if it appears, to cure it, you need to take drugs containing copper.

The Ataman grape is a very tasty grape that is liked not only by adults, but also by children. But to grow it, you need to work a little.

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