How to propagate ficus: breeding methods

How to propagate ficus: breeding methods

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How to propagate ficus? Most often, this procedure is carried out by cuttings from stems and leaves. In some cases, cuttings take root in the ground. To do this, you need to wash them from the juice, dry them, and the earth where they were placed should be placed in warm places.


  • Breeding features
  • Cuttings
  • Using air vents

Breeding features

There are 3 types of ficuses:

  • Ampelny
  • Handicraft
  • Treelike

Reproduction of any species has some differences, although it is not difficult to grow a ficus at home. It is easier to propagate the ampelous type of plant because it takes root easily. Other types require careful care and a long time.

There are 3 breeding options:

  • Cuttings
  • Stalk with leaf
  • Air layering

Experts note some prerequisites that must be met, regardless of the type of reproduction:

  1. It is worth doing the procedure when it is warm. Spring or summer time is well suited for this.
  2. Young plants do not tolerate ultraviolet light, so direct sunlight should be avoided.
  3. The place where the cut from the cutting remains should be washed with water so that the release of juice does not appear. The plant is placed in the fresh air for a short time, this will allow the cuts to dry quickly.
  4. When carrying out cuttings, it must be borne in mind that young shoots cannot take root.
  5. They have features of cuttings of tree-like plant species. The cut is carried out at the top of the trunk, and stem segments are also used.


For planting, cuttings are used, which are 15-17 cm long. For this, they choose a spring day to get such shoots. The required distance is measured from the top, while one centimeter remains to the first node. Next, using a sharp knife, the handle is cut off at an angle. All leaves are eliminated.

When breeding large-leaved ficus, leaves are optionally left for rooting. Next, the cutting is placed in water. A small greenhouse should be made that will help the roots to appear quickly. They do not germinate quickly, it will take 2-5 weeks. As soon as small leaves appear on the cutting, it is ready to be transplanted into a separate pot. Therefore, after that, a plant is planted where it should take root.

Applying cuttings with a leaf

As mentioned, there is leaf reproduction. This shoot should also be cut at an angle. In this case, the cut is located at the very node of the plant trunk. First, you should prepare the soil, where the ficus stalk is immersed to the base of the leaf. But the sheet itself is rolled up and fixed in a twisted state, for this you can use an ordinary thread.

Care in the future does not differ from care when propagating by cuttings. The rooting of the plant should be expected for 3-4 weeks. It depends on the type of ficus.

Using air vents

For tree-like plant species, for example, for lyre ficus, propagation using air layers is used. There are situations when the ficus has grown very long, and the leaves are at the same time exclusively at the top. In this case, it is shortened.

After some time, the crown of the plant becomes denser, as lateral shoots grow. And from this you can get another plant. Before trimming the shoot, it should be rooted. For this, an air layer is used.

For this, the required height is noted, all leaves on the trunk are removed under the bud. Next, a circular incision is made, directed upward. You can also remove a small strip of bark, it needs to be done under the layering. A piece of wood is placed in the resulting incision, it can be a match.

The area where the incision was made is wrapped with foil. It is well fixed on the sides, and bandaged at the bottom. It is recommended to put wet moss in the bag.

At the top, the film is tied so that there is air inside. After 3 weeks, roots appear. After all the operations have been carried out, the moss will overgrow with roots, the top is separated from the main ficus. After that, it is placed in a separate pot.

There are also different secrets for the reproduction of ficuses. The number of leaves on the shoot corresponds to how many cuttings can be obtained. It should have only one leaf, while the peephole should be intact. When the cutting is cut, it should be immediately placed in warm water. This will stop the liquid from appearing in the plant. In order for the stalk to take root well, an incision is made to it.

With soft wood, one cut is made, with hard wood, a cross cut is made. When the cuttings are rooting, the soil should be warm, it is covered with a jar, a plastic bag. There are also phytohormones that are used for better and faster rooting.

Reproduction of ficus is a simple procedure. The main thing is to adhere to basic rules.

Practical instructions for multiplying ficus on video:

Watch the video: Pruning and Propagating my Ficus Bonsai (July 2022).


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