Use of manure in the garden: features of pig manure as fertilizer

Use of manure in the garden: features of pig manure as fertilizer

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Animal manure is most often used as fertilizer for the garden. It is used for all types of soil. Fresh manure is almost never used, you need to wait until it is overcooked, otherwise it can burn young plants and do more harm than good.


  • Animal manure as fertilizer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Pig Manure
  • How and when to apply organic fertilizers

Animal manure as fertilizer

If it is not possible to stock up manure on your own, then you can purchase it in specialized stores. Apply:

  • cow dung
  • horse manure
  • mutton manure
  • pig manure
  • chicken droppings

Experienced gardeners plan planting in advance, so manure should be purchased about a year before using it. Fertilizer bags are left in a ventilated place where they will not be affected by precipitation. It will not need to be treated with chemicals or other additives before use.

Cow dung is most often used, it is most saturated with nutrients. It is cheap, if there is a livestock farm nearby, then you can agree to pick it up even for free. Cow dung is used on poor soils. It retains moisture and can release organic matter throughout the season.

Horse manure is also popular among gardeners. It is also not difficult to get it. Horse manure is collected in the spring. The manure should be clean, without the addition of sawdust, the best option would be a mixture with straw or peat. You need to use horse manure carefully, away from plant stems. The fresher it is, the more nutrients it contains.

To prevent horse manure from quickly rotting, it is spread on compost or on a concrete surface. It can be used several months after collection. If pesticides or herbicides have got into it, then it can be used no earlier than after a year.

Sheep and pig manure are used somewhat less frequently. In terms of composition, it is less nutritious, but colder and moist, therefore, before processing and using it, you need to stock up on theoretical knowledge. According to the storage method, lamb and pork manure are similar to horse manure.

Chicken manure is also used in horticulture. It contains a large amount of nitrogen. It is not used in isolation, but together with compost.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pig Manure

Pig manure has the following physical characteristics: it is acidic, liquid, and decomposes slowly. It contains a small amount of calcium, it has a weak heat transfer. It is advisable to use pig manure on warm soils, but if you mix it with horse manure, then this requirement will not be relevant.

Pig manure can be used like any other animal, although it is considered less nutritious. Before use, the manure of large animals must mature, for this it must take at least one year, preferably two. Each layer of manure is sprinkled with fluff lime during storage. Lime activates the combustion and deoxidation processes.

Pig manure can be used in isolation or mixed with other species. It is added to the soil according to the requirements that the soil and the plant itself require for organic fertilization.

For one bucket of pig manure, 50 grams of lime is added. If this is not possible, then before using it for six months it is kept in a dense heap with the addition of 100 grams of phosphate rock per 1 bucket of material. The latter will not allow nitrogen to evaporate and activates microbiological processes.

Why is pig manure used less often as a fertilizer? Pigs eat not only plant food, but also animals. Therefore, the product of its vital activity will differ significantly in composition. Many weed seeds can be found in manure.

Pig manure has not yet been appreciated. It is unpleasant to work with it, it has a pungent unpleasant odor, nevertheless, it can occupy a leading position among organic fertilizers, since it is suitable for all soils and interacts well with various plants. The soil does not get tired of this type of fertilization and every time it becomes more fertile.

How and when to apply organic fertilizers

Why can't you fertilize the land with fresh manure? If it gets into warm soil, it will begin to actively emit gases and heat, which will lead to the death of the plant. Fresh manure can be diluted in water and irrigated between rows of mature plants.

The settled manure is called humus. It improves the structure of the soil and makes it richer in micronutrients. Cow manure contains a large amount of magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, horse manure is richer in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Use horse manure correctly in the fall. If fresh manure is used, then it does not go deep, the deeper it is placed, the slower it will decompose and less nutrients will be given. In winter, manure will have time to decompose and will give the maximum amount of nutrients during the period of active plant growth in spring.

Overripe manure is also applied in autumn, then in winter it will have time to fully ripen. The more moist and warm the soil, the faster the ripening process will go. For one square meter of soil, 6-7 kg of cow dung or 4 kg of cow dung are used.

If the manure is still cold in winter, then it is advisable to use it for early vegetable crops: pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots or onions. For these crops, it is sufficient to use only manure. For the first year, the harvest may not differ from the harvest of previous years, however, the results of fertilization will be noticeable in a year.

You need to store manure as follows. It is laid in layers on a dry, level surface. The material must not come into contact with the ground. Peat or sod is placed between the layers, and on top of it all is covered with peat, straw, sawdust or sod. The manure will be protected from moisture by a plastic wrap.

Pig manure is not often used by gardeners. If you mix it with horse manure, then the mixture will have the best qualities.

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