How to treat currants in the spring from a kidney mite?

How to treat currants in the spring from a kidney mite?

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Currant is one of the most popular plant among summer residents and gardeners, especially black. In early spring, they look bloated, since several thousand individuals can hibernate in them. If such buds are not removed, they will dry out, and mites migrate to healthy buds during the period of budding and flowering.

However, routine collection and destruction of infected kidneys is ineffective. How to process currants in the spring so that the future harvest does not die? Of the chemicals, 1% colloidal sulfur has proven itself well. Take 100 grams of sulfur and rub into a very fine powder, then mix with a chlorine-free laundry detergent such as Kristall. Dissolve the resulting mixture in 10 liters of water and, stirring constantly, process the currant bushes from a spray bottle. At temperatures of 20 degrees and above, sulfur will oxidize and form sulfuric gas that will kill pests. If in your area at this time the temperature is lower, then cover each bush for three days with a film.

Many people do not like to use chemicals, and are interested in how to process currants in the spring without using them. You can use poisonous herbal infusions and decoctions made from tobacco, makhorka, onion and garlic husks, wormwood, dandelion. The same products can be used after flowering. The easiest way to get rid of a kidney mite is to plant varieties resistant to it, zoned in your area. In addition, the kidney mite does not attack red and white currants.

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