How to grow tomatoes on a windowsill?

How to grow tomatoes on a windowsill?

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Before growing tomatoes on the windowsill, you need to find the variety that can survive indoor conditions and give a good harvest. Of course, if possible, then even such varieties of tomatoes are better placed on a balcony or loggia with an established heat, so that they can enjoy the fresh air and outdoor conditions.

It is difficult to grow tomatoes on windowsills in winter, heating, lack of fresh air and good lighting will lead to the fact that the plant will not develop well, and the fruits will not please with taste. Therefore, you need to start growing tomatoes on the windowsill in early spring.

How to grow tomatoes on a windowsill? Here is a simple instruction that will help you get your tomato harvest, even if you do not have your own piece of land, but there are windowsills.

  1. For the windowsill, varieties such as cherry, special balcony red, Dubok, Florida Petit are suitable, which do not need large voluminous pots, as well as De Bario, Garten Freunde, Oxheart, which, however, will need large planting containers.
  2. Pour earth into a plastic container, water it and distribute the seeds, sprinkling them with earth a little, cover the container with a transparent lid or glass. Before sowing seeds, it is better to keep them in a growth stimulant solution. Make sure that the soil does not dry out too much.
  3. After germination of seeds and the appearance of four true leaves, the tomato seedlings must be transplanted into separate pots, for undersized ones, pots with a volume of three to five liters are suitable, and for tall tomatoes you need to choose pots with a volume of at least eight liters. Two centimeters of expanded clay and sand are placed at the bottom of the pots, then soil is poured and a tomato sprout is placed in the middle. Each plant can be sprayed with Epin's solution or other similar product.
  4. The pots should be placed on the window sill that is best lit, protected from too intense heat from the battery by using some kind of screen.
  5. Watering the tomatoes is necessary when the top layer of the earthen mixture is visible, the water should not be cold, but warm and settled, it is necessary to remove the stepsons that appear in the axils of the main leaves.
  6. You should constantly monitor that the tomatoes are healthy, make sure that pests do not appear on them. Once every ten days, tomatoes can be moderately fed with organic or mineral fertilizers.
  7. Tie the stem of the plant to the stick in time so that the stem does not break and bend under the weight of the fruit.

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