Astrakhan tomato and its cultivation

Astrakhan tomato and its cultivation

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Astrakhan tomato famous for its large fruits and resistance to various diseases. But if you wish, you can buy an Astrakhan tomato, or rather its seeds, and only then start growing them.

If Astrakhan tomato, reviews about which you can find extremely positive, you could not find, then you can try to grow tomato Mikado... Its fruits, which sometimes weigh up to 400 g, ripen 95 days after planting.

The taste of this tomato varieties is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent, since its pulp is rightfully considered a delicacy. The Mikado tomato reaches 1.8 m in height, and its leaves are somewhat potato-like in shape, size and shape.

Growing tomatoes

When choosing a particular variety of tomatoes that you will grow, be sure to take into account your climatic conditions, as the amount of your harvest will depend on this. It should also be remembered that there are varieties for open ground and for greenhouses.

In general, beginners will have to study a lot of literature in order to determine the tomato variety that is suitable for them. If you like large fruits, then you can plant tomato Mazarin... Its first fruits can reach 700-800 g, and later - 400 g. This variety is considered to be quite fruitful and early maturing. The tomatoes themselves are smooth and sugary, but contain few seeds. As you can see, growing tomatoes may not be as easy as it seems at first glance.

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