How to properly care for strawberries

How to properly care for strawberries

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Everybody is happy to enjoy delicious strawberries here. And here grow it in your country house - this is a completely different matter. As the saying goes: if you really want to, you can still not do this.

Before buying or borrowing seedlings, you should find out how to properly care for strawberries, to be prepared for possible difficulties and to overcome them with ease. To get a good harvest, you will need to carry out the following activities:

  • weed control and soil loosening
  • watering
  • feeding
  • disease and pest control.

These are the four whales on which all gardening science rests.

Start weed control it is necessary already at the beginning of spring, clearing the strawberries with a rake from the fallen leaves. Near the bushes, be sure to weed by hand so as not to damage the roots. Ideally, loosening should be done after each rainfall and after top dressing.

Watering strawberries
once every ten days, when there is no rain, in the morning. At the same time, the water should not be cold. If on the contrary summer is too rainy, it is recommended to cover the bed with agrofilm.

Feed sweet berry three times a year: in early spring (complex fertilizer), when buds are laid and fruits ripen (potash fertilizers), after harvesting (complex fertilizer again).

To fight disease
there are special preparations and solutions. For example, phytosporin saves from fungal diseases, iodine solution from gray rot and weevil, and a solution of potassium permanganate from powdery mildew.

Throughout the growing season strawberry mustache removed... This helps the plant to direct all its forces towards the formation of fruits, instead of creeping around the garden.

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