Schisandra chinensis - how to grow

Schisandra chinensis - how to grow

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Schisandra chinensis grows as a climbing liana, producing berries that resemble red currants in autumn.

Seedlings will grow stronger during vegetative propagation with stratified seeds during spring planting. In the spring, after planting, seedlings appear for 2-3 weeks.

The cultivation of the Chinese lemongrass plant is also done using the cuttings method. Shoots are harvested in the lignification phase between June and July. Cuttings about 5 cm long are taken from the middle of an annual shoot, planted in a substrate from a peat-sand mixture in a ratio of 1 to 1. Such cuttings take root in up to 40 days. At the age of four or five, they are transplanted into pits with humus soil to a permanent place. For better development, it is necessary to install a support before transplanting, so the harvest will be much more abundant and the plant will create a kind of living wall.

The best time to plant is in the earliest spring. Abundant watering will enable the plant to quickly take root and grow intensively, which subsequently contributes to a good harvest.

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