Poor man's orchid or schizanthus cultivation

Poor man's orchid or schizanthus cultivation

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The first time they see this plant in bloom, many take it for an orchid. This plant with flowers of exotic colors and bizarre shapes was even dubbed "the poor man's orchid" by the people.

The decorativeness of the schizanthus bushes is given by placers of flowers, albeit medium-sized (up to 2 cm in diameter), but of such a variety of colors that the eyes run up: purple, salmon, lilac, red, crimson, yellow, white, pink. Various specks, dots, strokes, specks on the petals are added to the bright colors.

Growing schizanthus you must start by choosing the right place in the garden. Preference is given to a sunny area with fertile soil.

Plant feeding is carried out at the height of flowering every week. For this, small doses of complex fertilizer are used for flowering plants.

It is necessary to water the schizanthus so that the soil is slightly moist all the time. Dry air and dry soil are detrimental to the growth and development of plants. The schizanthus will tolerate the cool more easily than the arid content.

The plant propagates by seeds. But first, it is grown for seedlings in room conditions. Sowing seeds is performed in March-April. In this case, flowering begins in late June - early July. If you have a heated greenhouse, you can plant seeds much earlier - in January-February. Flowering can then be expected at the end of May.

As you can see, the cultivation of schizanthus is not difficult. This is a rather unpretentious and grateful plant.

In the fall, schizanthus varieties that you especially like can be dug from a flower bed, transplanted into pots and kept until next spring as indoor plants.

Since the schizanthus belongs to biennials, next year you can again admire its charming flowers by planting the overwintered plant in a flower bed.

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