Nasturtium in the photo is a bright and delicate flower

Nasturtium in the photo is a bright and delicate flower

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Several decades ago nasturtium was very popular in our country. Then for a while the fashion passed, and unpretentious redhead beauty disappeared from most balconies, window sills, flower beds. But gradually, interest in it is reviving thanks also to breeders who are developing new varieties. And today palette of colors, which abound in nasturtium, as well as its ability to take root under any practically conditions make this flower very attractive for flora lovers.

Depending on where you will plant the plant, you can pick up creeping variety or bush, raise nasturtium on a pennant or vertical support. there is different sizes of the flower itself, simple shapes and fluffy, terry.

To the soil, she perfectly undemanding. However, transplanting seedlings into permanent soil should be very careful. Nasturtium loves the sun, but the wind does not. To her fresh organic fertilizers are contraindicated, and before the cold weather it will be necessary to cover the plant. As a top dressing potassium and phosphorus are best. Watering the flower needs moderate.

Rare variety Exotic nasturtium - very beneficial for decorating gazebos, balconies, terraces. In a matter of days, he braids the nearest support, has powerful, beautiful stems, quickly grows shoots.

If you plant nasturtium next to your garden crops, it will help them get rid of some diseases and pests. For some reason, this flower scares off aphids and cabbage, whiteflies and even the ubiquitous Colorado potato beetle. Even fungi and viruses retreat in front of her.

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