Rosehip contraindications

Rosehip contraindications

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How nice it is to have a Rosehip on your site, in the spring it pleases with the rapid appearance of greenery, in the summer with its extraordinary flowering and, of course, aroma, and in the fall with its fruits!

Many people love this plant also because of the fact that hedges can be created from rose hips! You can control its shape and height! And of course, many people love rose hips, as they are healthy and tasty!

But is rose hips really that good? Many do not even think about the fact that there are contraindications to rose hips. Often grabbing a new berry, we don’t think if it will only benefit us, and we don’t think about causing harm to our health!

Rosehip contraindications include:

  1. Stomach ulcer;
  2. Gastritis;
  3. Heart failure;
  4. Endocarditis;

This is not a complete list of contraindications!

It is worth noting that the use of rosehip decoction (and we love to brew its fruits in tea) causes bloating, you must admit, not a very pleasant factor! Some people like to take an alcoholic rosehip infusion, but it can also be dangerous, as it increases blood pressure! And if it is already high for you, you should give up the idea of ​​drinking rosehip infusion altogether.

In addition, after you eat the next berry, you should rinse your mouth, as rose hips destroy tooth enamel!

Rosehip is not the only berry with contraindications, so be careful about what you eat!

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