Growing physalis is so easy

Growing physalis is so easy

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Strawberry Physalis is an annual fruit plant and the cultivation of Physalis in our middle lane is quite possible.

His bushes are low with lateral shoots, strewn with fruits. Sour-sweet, medium-sized amber berries with the aroma of wild strawberries are eaten fresh and made from them, for example, a very spicy jam.

This physalis can reproduce by self-seeding - from overwintered scavengers. But at the same time it is necessary to thin out too frequent shoots. And the fruits on such plants not all have time to ripen. That is why, nevertheless, growing physalis seedlings is more profitable for obtaining the maximum yield. It is advisable to make supports for physalis branches, because from the severity of the harvest they can bend to the ground, moreover, from wet soil, poor ventilation, the cups can rot.

To get physalis seedlings, sowing is carried out, preferably in pots, in the second or third decade of April, and after frost, the seedlings are planted in open ground. Before the seedlings take root, they need protection from the hot sun and good regular watering. This physalis is not pinned, the fruits are formed on the lateral branches. And at the end of summer, the shoots can be pinched to ripen all the existing ovaries.

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