Happiness bamboo care

Happiness bamboo care

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Dracena Sander was eloquently called the bamboo of happiness. In addition, the plant symbolizes will, inflexibility, which makes it an excellent option for a gift or complement a man's bouquet.

Happiness bamboo care won't give you much of a hassle. Periodically, the dracaena must be fed with special fertilizer.

In summer, bamboo needs abundant watering, in the cold season - more moderate. It is better to choose distilled or filtered, settled water at room temperature. If this rule is not followed, the leaves may turn yellow. Dracaena feels uncomfortable in the bright sun. Place it in a place where the light is slightly diffused. The most comfortable temperature is between 18 and 35 ° C. Spraying is not required, but remember to dust off the leaves.

Do not disturb the plant with too frequent transplants. It is quite enough to do this procedure annually, in the spring. The bamboo of happiness is propagated by cuttings from the top, by segments of the stem. They need to be rooted in moist soil or water.

If you properly follow the care of the bamboo of happiness, then it will soon grow into a whole tree about 70 centimeters high, with a straight stem and long leaves. Beautiful curves can be created artificially. If you prefer a smooth stem, you will have to remove the growing shoots.

A piece of the south and the sun will certainly bring joy to your life, just believe it!

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