How and when to plant asters for seedlings

How and when to plant asters for seedlings

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As well as when to plant asters for seedlings, so that closer to autumn your flower beds will be painted in bright colors?

Experienced growers have come to the conclusion that growing asters by sowing seeds directly into open ground can be quite problematic. Therefore, it is better to grow asters for seedlings and in room conditions.

For this, the seeds are first prepared for sowing by soaking them in a germination accelerator. It is necessary to start sowing asters in late March - early April, since the period of development of these flowers from germination to flowering is quite long - from 80 to 130 days.

Each seed is embedded in the soil to a depth of 0.5-0.8 cm. Contain containers with crops at a temperature of + 18-25 degrees. Under optimal conditions, seedlings of asters begin to appear as early as 5-7 days.

After 10 days, the seedlings should be cut open. Watering must be done carefully, preference is given to the morning hours, so that by the evening the soil has time to dry out. This measure protects seedlings from many diseases.

Seedlings need good lighting and fluctuations in night and day temperatures. During the day, keep the temperature + 16-25 degrees, and at night it should drop to + 12-15 degrees.

If you are versed in aster varieties, you can choose suitable ones for growing seedlings directly in the open field. These are undoubtedly on sale.

When to plant asters for seedlings in open ground? This can be done even when the spring weather permits. But it is imperative to cover crops with a film or protect them by planting in greenhouses.

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