Growing armeria

Growing armeria

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Armeria is a perennial decorative flowering herb. It grows up to 30 cm, its inflorescences have a spherical shape, the color of flowers is very diverse.

Leafless armeria flower stalks rise above a rosette consisting of narrow leaves. Armeria blooms very profusely from May - July, blooms in August - September.

Most types of armeria look great in group compositions, they are used to decorate alpine slides, rocky gardens, rabatki, curbs. Creeping phlox, saxifrage, thyme and creeping plants look very good next to armeria.

Growing armeria will be successful in sunny areas where soils are light and non-alkaline. The soil for planting should be well moistened and loose. Sandy and rocky soils are very suitable for growing this plant.

Stagnation of moisture in the root zone is undesirable, therefore, good drainage should be provided for plantings of armeria. However, on hot summer days, it is necessary to water the armeria regularly.

Armeria can be propagated by seeds. They are sown either in spring or in autumn directly into open ground. Before planting, it is recommended to soak the seeds for 8 hours in warm water. Armeria is also grown through seedlings. For this, seeds are sown in late winter - early spring and placed in greenhouses.

Another way to reproduce armeria is by dividing the bush. She tolerates division and transplantation procedures very well. It is recommended to divide the bushes 3-4 years old. The division is carried out in spring or autumn after the completion of flowering of plants. It is preferable to use the second option.

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