How to grow a delphinium from seeds: tips for flower growers

How to grow a delphinium from seeds: tips for flower growers

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A large perennial, reaching one, and sometimes two meters in height, called delphinium, will adorn any flower bed and personal plot. This plant blooms with extremely beautiful inflorescences that painted in blue, blue, pinkish, white or reddish tint (sometimes there are specimens with a double color) and are odorless. The question of how to grow a delphinium from seeds is relevant for many flower growers who want to acquire such beauty.

So, how to grow a delphinium from seeds? Initially, the seeds are placed in small containers with transparent lids, filled with soil pre-soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, slightly pressing them into the ground. Then the containers closed with lids are placed in the refrigerator for two weeks, and after this time they are removed and, without removing the lids, put in a bright, warm place. About after a week, the seeds begin to germinate... The seed should be kept in closed containers, providing additional lighting with lamps, if necessary, until the seedlings are placed in them. In this case, the containers should be opened for a short time every day so that the plantings are ventilated.

At the end of the spring frost, hardened seedlings are planted in open ground and for the first time arrange artificial shade for plants (for example, they put a small canopy). Young plants need to be watered regularly, fed from time to time with special fertilizers and very carefully monitored, so that pests such as slugs do not start on them.

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