Useful properties of black currant

Useful properties of black currant

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Black currant is a very popular specimen in growing in your own garden, because the beneficial properties of black currant have been known since ancient times.

Black currants are best planted on a small slope or flat area. Do not allow strong winds to hit the currant bushes.

Of course, the currant is a winter-hardy plant, but still it should be protected from the east and north winds. To protect currants, you can use an orchard, buildings, as well as fast-growing shrubs (mock orange, lilac, acacia, hazel).

Planting material plays a very important role in planting. Those seedlings that are grown from good plants begin to bear fruit in the second year.

Useful properties of black currant undeniable. In addition to its wonderful taste, this berry also has a lot of useful properties. This plant is often used in folk medicine for treatment, as well as for prophylactic properties.

Blackcurrant contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. It contains a large amount of vitamins B, P, provitamin A, pectin substances, sugars, essential oil, phosphoric acid, tannins, iron and phosphorus salts. There are also a lot of useful substances in the leaves of black currant in the form of sulfur, magnesium, phytoncides, lead, copper, essential oils and vitamin C.

Black currant is very often used for treatment and prevention cancer diseases, and also to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, this plant is able to maintain mental capacity in elderly people.

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