Growing potatoes, potato varieties in pictures

Growing potatoes, potato varieties in pictures

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Personally, I cannot imagine life without fried potatoes and without mashed potatoes, therefore, with the arrival of spring, I always plant early varieties of potatoes in my summer cottage in order to harvest the long-awaited harvest as early as possible.

Everyone knows that there are a great many varieties of potatoes, but when I saw potato varieties in pictures on the Internet, I was amazed at their abundance and variety.

Potatoes are not a very whimsical culture and will grow even in a not very experienced gardener, the main thing is to choose the right variety for a particular area, because everywhere there are completely different soil and climatic conditions.

Economically valuable signs of different varieties of potatoes:

• productivity;
• early maturity;
• taste qualities;
• starch content in tubers;
• resistance to certain diseases;
• storage time during winter.

In central Russia, early potato varieties are usually planted, such as "Arina", "Vyatka", "Vesna", "Uralsky early". The last variety is especially good; the tubers of this potato have excellent taste. But it should be remembered that such varieties are quite capricious, they are more likely to be susceptible to various diseases and give a more meager harvest.

In addition to early varieties of potatoes, there are:

• medium early;
• mid-season;
• mid-late and late;

A very good and unpretentious variety is the mid-early variety "Volzhanin", this variety perfectly tolerates drought, is not resistant to late blight and cancer. The tubers of these potatoes are incredibly crumbly and are ideal for making mashed potatoes.

For winter consumption of potatoes, it is recommended to cultivate mid-season and mid-late varieties, since they have very good taste and are well stored throughout the winter.

Once I saw potato varieties in pictures on the Internet, now I experiment and plant first an early variety and then a later one, so I harvest potatoes twice a summer!

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