Growing sweet pepper seedlings

Growing sweet pepper seedlings

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Growing sweet pepper seedlings not very difficult to implement, but some nuances should be taken into account.

Firstly, it should be said right away that sweet peppers are a more thermophilic plant than tomatoes or cabbage. Consider the fact that the seedlings planted in the ground should be at least 60-70 days from the moment the first shoots appear.

Pepper is not the easiest plant for the garden, therefore growing sweet pepper seedlings also requires soil preparation. It should be loose, neutral (pH 6-6.6) and fertile. Seeds germinate for a long time, therefore, before sowing, it is worth "rushing" them by soaking them in germination stimulants, which also have a beneficial effect on plant immunity.

Plant each pepper seed immediately in a separate container, so that later, when picking, you do not damage the root system. Deepen the seeds by 0.5-0.7 cm, sprinkle with earth and cover with foil, creating greenhouse conditions. The temperature should be maintained at 21-23 degrees. If these conditions are met, the seeds germinate in about 9 days.

When the first shoots hatch, the film is removed from the boxes or containers, the plants are moved to additional lighting. Daylight hours for seedlings should last at least 12 hours a day. With sufficient illumination and with fluctuations in the night temperature of 14-17 degrees and daytime temperatures of 18-20 degrees, sweet pepper seedlings grow strong and do not stretch.

When 3-4 pairs of true leaves appear on the seedlings, it can already be considered ready for planting in open ground.

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