Planting and caring for dahlias

Planting and caring for dahlias

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Planting and caring for dahlias do not require any incredible efforts, but the subtleties in growing this or that flower are always their own, and dahlias are no exception.

For example, the soil for dahlias should be prepared in the fall. In the spring, before planting, about 250 g of mineral fertilizers are applied to the soil.

For planting dahlias, dig holes of 30x30 cm and a depth of about 40 cm.It is recommended to immediately install a support for a garter nearby. It is good to pour the soil rotted in the compost pit in a volume of 1-1.5 liters at the bottom of each hole.

Caring for dahlias includes regular watering, pinching, feeding and tying plants to supports. It is customary to grow dahlias in 1 or 2 stems, the rest should be removed. Regular pinching is essential. It is performed in such a way that, starting from the fourth pair of leaves, the shoots remain on the plant to form a bush. If you have planted dwarf dahlias, then pinching is not necessary.

Fertilizing is performed after rain or main watering. The first feeding should be done 14 days after the dahlias are planted, the second and subsequent ones - 10-15 days later. Moreover, fertilizers should alternate: either a mineral fertilizer, or a solution of bird droppings or mullein. When the plants begin to set the buds, make sure the fertilizer is nitrogen-free.

It will be necessary to feed your dahlias again before the frosts, in about 2-3 weeks.

As you can see, planting and caring for dahlias is not particularly difficult. If you follow the above techniques, dahlias will delight you with lush flowering.

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