Yaskolka in the photo

Yaskolka in the photo

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There are so many beautiful plants that can be grown with a howling garden. The chrysalis in the photo represents one of the many options for flowers that can decorate the garden.

Yaskolka is a small graceful plant, which is capable of forming curtains. The stems of this plant are creeping, slightly branching, and the ends of the shoots rise. The leaves of the chickweed are tiny, densely placed on the stem, and in some plant species they are very strongly omitted. The flowers are white and have five petals - they are collected in loose inflorescences. This beautiful plant blooms in May. The seeds of the plant ripen in a cute box.

Yaskolka in the photo cannot convey all the beauty of a plant - it is best to see it live, and then you will understand how beautiful this plant is.

Yaskolka is a winter-hardy plant, it will grow best in bright places. It is desirable that the soils be loose, without stagnant water; soils with low fertility will be ideal. To make the moisture content higher, it is worth adding peat to the soil for planting.

It is a drought tolerant plant that can be propagated layering or cuttings... If you sow seeds, then this action should be carried out in March. Then the seedlings dive and in June are planted in a permanent place.
The next year, young plants begin to bloom. In one place they can grow up to 5 years. In the spring, it is advisable to rejuvenate the plant with a haircut. Yaskolka will be an excellent inhabitant of rock gardens, where it can be planted in small groups among rocky stones.

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