Planting and caring for tigridia

Planting and caring for tigridia

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YOU love to plant various flowers in your garden, then planting and caring for tigridia you will be very interested. Tigridia is a very beautiful plant, but not all gardeners know about this beauty.

In nature, there are almost 20 species of this perennial bulbous plant from the Iris family. On each shoot, several flowers can form, which reach 10-15 cm.

Planting and caring for tigridia is not difficult at all, but the result exceeds all expectations. This is a truly adorable flower that deserves attention.

The bulbs of this flower begin to be planted in the ground when the warm weather has already stabilized, from about mid-May. This is important, as they begin to grow. at a temperature of 20-25 degrees... Bright sunlight is important for tigridia, so it is not afraid of direct sunlight. This flower can endure even very hot weather, the main thing is to ensure good watering during the growing season.

Care is to remove wilted flowers in a timely manner and gently loosen the soil. When the flowering ends, they water less, but it is worth stopping watering only when the aboveground part withers completely.

In winter, tigridia tubers are dug up for wintering. After digging into the soil, add phosphorus and potash fertilizers.

With a minimum of effort, you will achieve abundant flowering in your beautiful garden.

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