What are the ways of breeding pears

What are the ways of breeding pears

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Pear comes second after apple tree... a very common garden tree.

Pear is rich in beneficial properties. It contains carbohydrates, glucose, fructose, sucrose, vitamins A, C and B, pectin substances, inorganic compounds. Depending on the place of cultivation and climatic conditions, the composition of trace elements changes slightly.

The peculiarity of the pear is that it can be consumed fresh for almost a whole year. And of course, in a redesigned one. Dessert varieties with a delicate juicy taste and a pleasant combination of sweetness and sourness are very much appreciated. Dried fruits, marshmallows and marmalade are very tasty. Not spared the beneficial properties of pears and traditional medicine. It has a diuretic, fixing effect. It helps very well to cope with coughs. These properties are present not only in fresh fruits, but also preserved in dried fruits, jelly and broths. It is useful to eat pears for urolithiasis. It contains a relatively large amount of phenolic compounds that increase the strength of the blood capillaries. Due to the presence of potassium, it has a diuretic effect, removes table salt and water from the body. But in case of diseases of the digestive tract, this fruit should not be included in your diet, since it contains a lot of fiber.

There are various ways to breed pears. The most famous way is pstock reproductiongrown from seeds. Quince, hawthorn and forest varieties of pears are suitable as a stock. 30 days before budding, the wild is spud to a height of 15 - 20 cm. A couple of days before inoculation with a bud, the earthen mound is removed. The formed shoots are removed and watered. Two cuts must be made on the rootstock bark. One is T-shaped, the other is longitudinal. Then the scion with the bud is cut off from the scion and inserted onto the stock, securing it with tape.

Pear breeding methods:

  • vegetative;
  • seeds;
  • budding.

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