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Garden furniture

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Sunny days invite you to spend more time outdoors, in contact with nature; to better enjoy gardens, terraces or simple balconies, we can equip our green areas with furnishings specifically dedicated to the garden. Generally speaking, garden furniture is thought only of chairs, tables and deckchairs: in reality, on the market, many other furnishing accessories are available, expressly designed for the garden and then left for the whole year. outdoors, at the mercy of the weather.

What the market offers

In addition to the more classic garden furniture, or as mentioned before, tables and chairs, we can enrich our outdoor corner with lamps of various shapes, perhaps powered by solar energy, to avoid inconvenient connections to the electrical system; those who have a large garden can also consider enriching it with entertainment for children, swings, small dedicated furniture, but also swimming pools of various kinds: there are some fixed, to be buried or to be "built" directly above ground, so to have a fixed structure, very robust and resistant; or it is possible to set up a temporary pool, to be installed only in the summer period.
To spend the long summer afternoons outdoors it is possible to enrich the garden with a barbecue, to prepare succulent barbecues, or a comfortable gazebo, useful to protect from the most intense sun.
The wide range of furniture designed exclusively for the garden, constructed using the best materials, is ample.
The range of garden furniture also includes various small accessories that can also be used on the terrace, such as flower boxes, grills, runners; but also useful accessories to decorate the house or to make the best use of the space: pergolas, canopies, garages ...

Since the items we choose will spend most of the time outdoors, exposed to rain water, winter cold, summer heat, sunlight, it is good that they are built using sturdy materials that last over time. Among the most robust materials we remember the metal, from wrought iron to chromed steel, used for tables, chairs, but also for vases and planters. Wood is also widely used in garden furniture, which in addition to its durability has the considerable advantage of offering a warm and very pleasant aesthetic; the best garden furniture is built using impregnated timbers, so that they have a long duration against the weather and sunlight.
Since many years, for the garden furniture various plastic materials are used, light, easy to clean, and with little maintenance; in general, the cheaper products do not offer a very long life, especially due to the fact that sunlight spoils many plastic materials, making them brittle over the years: today, however, plastic resins are very pleasing to the touch and sight, and with the remarkable quality of being very resistant to frost and exposure to direct sun.


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